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Lush Thundersnow | Review

Another day another Lush review! I know it maybe a little rhetorical for a few of my readers but I am loving writing about the Christmas range at the moment and I want to review as much of it as possible before Christmas. I recently went back to Lush a couple of days ago while I was shopping for presents and couldn't resist getting some more bath bombs, while at Lush my daughters were asked to choose a bath bomb they wanted to see in the water and they chose Luxury Lush Pud and Think Pink; they loved seeing the display. I got myself 'Thundersnow' and 'Luxury Lush Pud'. 

Lush have lots of different Christmas products this year but can I say I am a little disappointed that some of the products aren't back and I worry they will take away my favourites again LOL! Anyways I'm enjoying the Christmas range for now and hopefully they might bring out some old favourites again in the future.
Lush Thundersnow
Lush Thundersnow 
Price: £4.50 
Cruelty Free

Pepppermint Oil 
Colombian Cocoa Absolut 

Popping Candy 
lush thundersnow bath bomb
 First Impressions 
When I went to Lush It was super busy so I didn't get the chance to see all the products I wanted, my partner spotted this and wanted to give it a try so I thought why not? It looks nice and its a bath bomb that I haven't tried before.

On closer inspection of the Thundersnow it kinda reminds me of planet earth a little bit, what do you think? I thought this and so did my partner. Its basically a round bath bomb with lovely earthy swirls of green and blue. The scent when I picked it up reminds me of candy canes and I could definatly tell that there is peppermint in it.
lush thundersnow review
My Thoughts
Described by lush as the perfect way to relax when life gets a little stormy, this is meant to help clear the skies and breeze. I think the description on the site is wonderfully put because the bath bomb looks like earth and the colours also look rather relaxing. It has mixed reviews on the Lush website which I can't understand because I just love this bath bomb and I will explain to you all why I love it so much.

As soon as you pop this in running warm water it starts to make the most lovely green and blue swirls and after a few moments the peppermint scent hits you and clears your nose, it sure does for me. Another surprise happens after 2 minutes of the Thundersnow being in the bath.. POPPING CANDY! It pops for absolutely ages and while it does that lots of foamy white comes out of the middle of the bath bomb to add to the already stunning bath art of green and blue. Once the bath finally settled down it was a bright turquoise.

Once me and my partner settled into the bath we instantly relaxed immersed in the beautiful turquoise bath water. The scent of peppermint took us away to a most relaxing and comfortable place. We actually stayed in the bath for a good 20 minutes until the bath water went cold. Its defiantly a bath bomb we would get again.

lush thundersnow

  • Stunning bath art
  • Relaxing peppermint scent
  • Looks like the earth 
  • Soft on skin
  • Cruelty free
  • A little expensive 

Have you bought anything in Lush lately?

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