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Pixi Brow Tamer | Review

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If you asked me 5 years ago how I used to do my brows, I would reply to you; brow pencil and tweezers. Back then I over plucked my brows until they were very thin and also not a workable shape to work with. To top off the uneven job I did of with the tweezers I just drew a pretty much straight line with a slight curve to it that wasn't blended or anything. Rolling on to now I use a variety of different eyebrow products and don't tweezer my brows nowhere near as much as I used to and only pluck stray hairs. The products I now use vary including brow tamers, pomades and pencils.

Pixi was founded by Petra Strand who has 20+ years experience as a makeup artist and products developer. The first store opened 10 years ago in their flagship shop in Soho in London. They are known for their pure, awakening and skin-loving products. 
pixi brow tamer review
 Pixi Brow Tamer 
Price: £12 
Cruelty Free

First Impressions
I have always wanted to try Pixi products ever since I heard so many fabulous reviews about their glow tonic. I still need to try the glow tonic to see what all the fuss is about but I am super happy to have got this in a previous beauty box a few months back.

The packaging is lovely with its nice pastel green and golden writing. The box is very nice too with lots of info about the product and also how to use it too. The wand is very similar to a mascara wand   but its a little bit smaller also the gel is 100% clear and its is a good consistency, not too thick and not too thin either, its kinda hard to describe but if you ever get this you will know away I mean.

With a lot of makeup products they can have a scent and thankfully this one doesn't have a scent. The brow gel has a formula of soothing aloe vera and panthenol which conditions the brow hairs to give them a natural soft effect.
pixi brow tamer review
 My Thoughts 
Previously I used to use a brow gel which was from George ASDA and I couldn't really rate that well because once it dried it was so bloody hair and too get it off it hurt my brow hairs so trying this I was a little skeptical but I needn't of been because honestly lovelies it is a fabulous product.

Firstly I apply my brow pomade or powder and I wait a few moments and then apply this by gently brushing up the ways to give my brows a shape and after a few minutes the product dries and that will be my brows set and looking fabulous for the rest of the day.

Not only does it hold my brows beautifully all day it also is very easy to remove with a micellar water or makeup remover, so they are no brow product nightmares with this.
pixi brow tamer
  • Tames even unruly brows
  • Lasts all-day
  • Easy to remove 
  • Cruelty Free
  •  Easy to use wand 
  • None- I just love this product 

Have you used Pixi products before? What are you're favourite products?

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