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WWE RAW | Glasgow

Hi LoveliesAs some of you may know I am a big fan of wrestling and have been since I was 9 years old and  I remember that day very well and it was a match from WWF (now WWE) and it was Triple H vs The Rock,. I watched the whole programme mesmorised with my brother and from that day onwards I have watched wrestling and I still love it as much now then I did then. Instead of watching it with my brother I now enjoy watching it with my partner. In April I went to WWE Glasgow event and I was about 12 rows from the front so the views were pretty amazing and I got some amazing photos from that event including my favourite wrestler Roman Reigns. That event was the first time I ever went to a wrestling event and wow it was so damn epic and the experience was top notch. During the show we found out the next time they would be in Glasgow it would be a live event and me and my partner looked at each other and we knew we needed tickets for that event. 

The SSE Hydro, Glasgow UK
This is very near the centre of town and has lots of bus routes too it. We set off an hour and half early and it still had massive queues at the event so keep that in mind if visiting the SSE Hyrdro in your car.

On site parking multi-story parking / 2-12 hours £8
Getting a parking space was fine as they had parking attendants, so they was no rush to find a space as they are plenty to go around. You can pay for your ticket before or after the  event but I suggest beforehand because the queues are nuts after the event because everyone wants to go home at the same time. 

A few little food places to choose from including: Rocksalt, Hot Wok big grill and wee grill.
I didn't get anything apart from some chocolate and 2 large iron bru for me, my partner and my son. The food queues are a little lengthy so I suggest getting there early to an event.

Its easy enough to get too by car, train or walking. It has disabled access, more info on that on their website. 

We got here by car and the directions were simple enough for us to find the event and find parking too. It was also clear on were the event was and directions to the hydro. Getting to the hydro from the car parking lot took us less than 10 minutes. Queuing was very long and it took us absolutely ages to collect the tickets from the box office so my advice for anyone is make sure you have tickets/confirmation email beforehand because  we almost missed the start of the show.

The Event 
We actually got decent seats on the first tier so we had a pretty good view of the ring. As soon as we sat down the show was about to start and lights were all over the place and not long after that the bloody loudest fireworks Ive ever heard in my life!!! On the TV you don't take notice but at the event I jumped out of my seat they were that loud haha.

All the matches were pretty amazing but wow they were so many adverts and at some point I thought they were never going to end. Honestly I know they have a network but keep going on about it, is going to get on anyones nerves.

The show started at 7am and finished just after 11 at night so the whole night was jam packed with lots of wrestling so I defiantly feel like we got our moneys worth.

My Favourite Match

5 on 5 Traditional Elimination match between Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Braun strowman and Chris Jericho 
 This was honestly my highlight match, hearing my favourite wrestlers music play really made my adrenaline run for the match ahead! This match was epic and all started because they couldn't agree on who should be uncharge of the RAW group against smackdown for the survivor series.

The feud started with Christ Jericho and Kevin Owens wanting to be in charge of the group and the other 3 were totally against the idea and a brawl started, thats when Stephanie came out and told them to settle their differences in a fatal 5 way ahead of the survivor series.

Between the other matches Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens tried to get Braun Strowman on their team ahead of the fatal 5 way but he simply replied 'I work alone' when he said that he  almost when onto Chris Jericho's list.

The match just brilliant, as always Kevin and Chris worked together which in turn made Seth and Roman work together in some part, as always Braun was the lone wolf and had no problem taking them all on at once. Eventually Braun ended up through a table and Kevin ended up winning the match by accidentally pinning his best buddy Chris.

Other Highlights 

  • Noam Dar Debuts - Dar has been a wrestler for many years in Glasgow and was called up by WWE with a contract, His first match was a tag team match with tag team partner Brian Kendrick against Sin Cara and Rich Swann. They lost the match and Brian blamed him but he soon regret it when did his finisher on him showing him why he's at WWE. He got an amazing standing ovation and everyone was cheering him on. 
  • Charlotte Leads the women's Raw Team -  The team consisted of Baylee, Alicia Fox, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks. 
  • The New Day lead Raws tag team - In the group are Cesaro and Sheamus, Enzo Amore and Big Cass, Golddust and R-Truth and Gallows and Anderson.  I loved that the New Day were dressed in traditional Scottish clothes.

Are you a fan of wrestling? Have you been to a show before?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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