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Barry M Crush | Review

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It has been such a long time since I last did a blog post about a nail paints, which is a bit not like me because I have so many nail paints in my collection and it would be great to show you them all ( hopefully in the near future when I get the chance). Todays #NOTD is a matte nail paint from Barry M and is a beautiful autumn burgundy shade.

 I don't usually wear matte nail paints because somehow quite a lot of them don't work out well for me even if I use the right top coat and base coat. I had my fingers crossed this one would be much better then the ones I tried before. 
barry m crush review
 Barry M is a cruelty free company that sell lots of different nail paints and makeup alike. They also have a clear labelling system of whats vegan and things that are have this label on them like this one. Crush is vegan friendly.

Crush comes in a 10ml bottle and costs £3.99 on the Barry M website but if you like to save money like me they are usually on offer in Superdrug on a  3 for 2 offer every now and again.

As much as I want to love this nail paint, I can't say it was completely brilliant because it was probably one of my least favourite nail paints I have tried from Barry M. I put on a matte base coat and waited for that to dry then applied a layer of crush on it and it was VERY streaky and quite thick to apply too. It didn't get much better once I applied another coat, it still looked very streaky but another coat didn't look like it would of fixed it so I decided to put a glossy top coat on top of it instead and that helped it a lot and it looked so much better.

I didn't like the matte effect because it looked a little too streaky for me ( might work for others) but it did look better after the glossy coat I applied on top of it. I have worn it for a few days now and it looks pretty good with no chips on them so far.
barry m crush matte review

Barry M products are available in Boots, Superdrug and also on the Barry M website which a link is below ( for more info on product)

What is your favourite nail paint? 

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