Friday, 7 April 2017

Blogger Mail #1

blogger mail
Hi Lovelies
I honestly have been thinking about doing a blogger mail themed blog post for a long time now and I thought heck! No time like the present and here we are to todays post. I have been kindly sent these products to try from Royal Coffee Scrub and Skin Yoga, after which I will give my honest opinion of the products will be and you know what? I can't wait to try each and every one of them because each of these products are very new to me. 

I know these kind of posts aren't to everyones liking but you know I am excited to post them up because I want to show you all of the products I will be trying in the upcoming weeks and be sharing my honest and in-depth opinions of each of these products. Seeing as blogger mail can be rather random, these posts will be quite random too so expect to see more them in the near future *fingers crossed*

royal coffee scrub
Royal Coffee Scrub - Ylang Ylang RRP £9.95
I have seen so many bloggers posting about so many different coffee scrubs but I have never got round to posting about them myself so I am glad I can finally give them a try too see what they are like, I have some high hopes for this ( I just LOVE coffee)

Coffee Scrub has so many benefits apparently and they include being a more natural product compared to a lot of high street skin products. It also has caffeine which helps exfoliate the skin and smooth the skin. I will give a more in-depth post about this product once I try which shouldn't be too long because I am pretty excited to try this. 

blogger mail
Skin Yoga samples of face mask/scrub and coffee scrub 
I absolutely LOVE the packaging of the little face masques!! Its like a wooden box with straw inside with the products which are also in jars and look like potions you would find on Harry Potter LOL! I have never heard of this brand before but its always great to try new brands and this brand is all about natural so I am looking forward.

Do you enjoy getting blogger mail?
Melissa x
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