Friday, 29 September 2017

Aldi Candle's - Are they a Jo Malone Dupe?

jo malone dupe aldi
 Hi Darlings!

If you ever visited my flat you would notice how many candles I have, I actually have run out of space on my fire place and window because of them ahah! Anyway's I am sure we have all heard about Aldi Candles and how they are meant to be a Jo Malone dupe and me being me I was one of those people who jumped on the bandwagon to see what all of the fuss was about. I went to my local Aldi as soon as possible and tried to get all 3 scents but unfortunately they only had number 2 left so I just bought that one which is called 'No2 Blackberry Bay' and it cost me a purse friendly £3.99.  

Aldi Candle's jo malone dupe
As we all know Jo Malone is a luxury brand that sell many different products including candles, cologne and so much more fragrance inspired products. The products are quite expensive and honestly I wish I could try their products one day because I have heard so many positives about how luxurious the scents of the perfumes and candles are so whatever my thoughts on this candle were initially it still wouldn't change my mind about having Jo Malone products on my wish list later on if I find a better job or earn more blogging.  

I just love Aldi and one of the biggest reason I love Aldi is because it saves me saves me so much money a week on my weekly shopping, it's actually reduced how I spend by at least £30! So when they brought out this candle I was super excited to try a luxury inspired product thats suitable for a budget. 
aldi candles jo malone dupe
My first impressions of this candles were very positive because it looks very nice and is also a very big candle for the price of £3.99. It has a silver effect lid and the candle itself has 2 wicks inside seeing as it's such a big candle. The jar looks very stylish and very similar to the Jo Malone jar with the name of the scent and the number on it  I lit this as soon as my kids went to sleep and I put on the kettle and made myself a large cup of tea ready for blogging and honestly as soon as I came back I could instantly smell blackberries! Its got such a lovely smell and I was surprised at how fresh and floral it smells for the price. 

I am not comparing it to the Jo Malone candle but for the price it's a bloody good bargain and if I am honest I would defiantly say it is as good as a Yankee Candle and I hope to try out the other scents in the near future because I am very impressed with 'Blackberry Bay' So if you are thinking of grabbing one of these candles in Aldi I would say go for it they are so worth it!

Melissa x

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter | Review

Hi Flamingos, I hope you are all well?
Highlighters are a must have for me when I wear makeup because I just love how bright they make my complexion. I have tried a fair few now over the years from budget to premium and to be honest most work wonderfully especially if you use it with a makeup setting spray. I think I have about 5 highlighters in my makeup collection and I knew it was time to get another so went to Superdrug to see if any of the affordable highlighters caught my eye and OMG the choices was so extensive! I wanted them all but I ended up going for this Rainbow Highlighter from Makeup Revolution and it cost me an affordable £4. 

Makeup revolution sell  a vast selection of makeup and are a budget beauty brand with very affordable makeup products such as makeup, brushes etc. I discovered this brand not so long after when it released a few years back and since then they have brought out so many different products and this is a newish product and its inspired by the rainbow and of course our obsession with highlighters at the moment. 
makeup revolution rainbow highlighter
Its simple but perfect in my opinion, it has a chrome effect border and also chrome effect writing on it too. It wasn't so easy to take a picture of because of the chrome but it looks amazing in real life. Its very light and feels good compared to its price but on the plus size the pan is full of product which is brilliant, no areas missed out.

I am not sure if I like the texture of this or not but at first when I put it on my hands it did feel rather chalky but it felt so much softer and more vibrant when applied to the skin.

I love how easily this went onto my skin!! It took very little effort for me to get this on my cheek bones evenly without much fallout at all. I wore this to the wedding last weekend and I couldn't stop applying it because it looks GORGEOUS! Once its on the skin you can see all the lovely pastel shades of the rainbow with a iridescent glow, I would go as far to say it made me feel like a mermaid, I mean really it is a magical product.
makeup revolution rainbow highlighter review
Thankfully this had barely a scent to it at all which is brilliant because I am not a fan of makeup if it has too much of a fragrance as it puts me right off wearing it.

Does it last?
Well it sure does if you apply a makeup setting spray which I do everyday now in the summer over wise my makeup wouldn't last long at all.

My Thoughts 
I love everything about this product and there isn't anything I can falter about it to be honest, I love it so much that if this ever runs out I would defiantly consider buying this again because it is a lovely show stopping highlighter for a bargain price.
makeup revolution rainbow highlighter
makeup revolution rainbow highlighter
(omg so sparkly isn't it)
Price and Where to Buy 
This is a very affordable and purse friendly price of £4 and is available at superdrug stores and online too at their website and also TAM Beauty too.

Link for more info

What is your favourite highlighter at the moment?

Melissa x 
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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Finding Retro/Vintage Fashion on a Budget

Hi Flamingos! I hope you are all well?
I have loved vintage/retro style for as long as I can remember and I have a few reasons on why I love vintage style so much, firstly is Dita Von Teese! She wears the most amazing clothes and her house is a vintages fans heaven. Secondly has to be 40s-60s films and I remember I used watch with my nana, she loves watching musicals and they always wore fabulous costumes and it made me want to wear something similar. Lastly its the fact I love the way the clothes look on me! I bought a retro dress a few years back to see if I would suit it and I haven't looked back since! Vintage style is everything for me. 

As much as I love vintage/retro fashion sometimes it can be rather expensive, don't get me wrong they are worth the money but I love getting bargains regardless. I have a few ways on how I save money on wearing retro clothes and I will share with you all on how I save the pennies when it comes to wearing vintage style fashion. 
1. Shop the sales
 Sometimes the discounts are MASSIVE and I mean they are such bargains! I bought 2 dresses the other day from Lady V London which were the last in my size (Lucky me yay) and both of them cost me the same as the usual price of 1 dress, so basically I got 2 dresses for the price of one. 

I like looking at sales not just online but also in store and recommend looking at both if you can. I usually buy online but sometimes in store has some gems too. 

2. Charity Shops 
 I love going to charity shop as often as possible because you can find not only bargains but unique clothes too! I have found good name brands in charity shops and also some good quality dresses too such as the one I am wearing in these pictures. The dress is originally from quiz and cost me a bargain price of £2, I made it look more vintage my adding a high waisted belt which i think did the trick.

Not only do they have some nice fashion they also have products that you can style vintage style clothes with too such as brooches, earrings and scarves. 

3. Ebay, Gumtree and Selling pages
Another amazing place to find bargains and unique products, you can find branded products such as hell bunny, Collectif and Voodoo Vixen for a fraction of the price. Also on there is unbranded products that can easily made to look more vintage/retro with a few tweaks here and their.

They are many selling pages online and my favourites are on Facebook as they sell some amazing branded products. 
vintage style uk
4. Tweak clothes you already own
  I do this very often with the clothes I already have in my wardrobe, it would cost me far too much to replace everything so I usually just wear trousers with a plain t-shirt or jumper and put on my high waist belt and style my hair vintage and it automatically makes an outfit look vintage. You can also add a brooch for an extra finishing touch.

5. Car boot Sales and Fairs
Not only are these places amazing for vintage furniture and home decor, they can also be treasure troves for finding affordable vintage fashion. Look in magazines and online for car boots thats are dedicated for vintage/retro style fashion.

Dress- Quiz ( Charity Shop)
Tights ( Marks and Spencer)
Shoes ( Irregular choice) present 3 years ago

I hope you enjoyed this post just as much as I did, I will be adding more and more fashion posts in the not so distant future so keep an eye for them.

Do you have any tips on buying budget vintage fashion?

Melissa x 

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Benecos Natural Beauty | First Impressions

Benecos natural beauty first impressions
Hi Lovelies
I just love trying different makeup brands and the variety of different makeup brands out there is pretty extensive now. Benecos Natural Makeup is a makeup brand that I haven't heard about since recently but I am pretty happy to have found it now and Il tell you all why a bit further down in the post of course. 

Benecos Natural Makeup was founded in Spain and the products are also natural and animal friendly. This brand was created because of the limited amount of choices of Eco friendly makeup they were available and also an affordable option too because quite a lot of Eco brands can be relatively expensive. 
benecos natural beauty review
Facts about Benecos natural beauty 
  • Does not contain mineral oil or derivatives 
  • No silicons or parabĂ©ns 
  • Nothing synthetic
  • All Natural 

benecos natural beauty swatches
Eyeshadow - Green Lagoon ( RRP £3.95)
This eyeshadow is a minty green shade and it is very creamy to apply. It has a nice benecos logo on the eyeshadow too which is a nice touch.
benecos eyeshadow
Bronzing Duo RRP ( £6.95)
This is dual compact with two beautiful products inside, on one side you have the smaller section which is a dusky pink blusher while the other side is a sun kissed bronzer. These are both creamy too and also have the Benecos logo on it too.

Hot Summer Nail Polish RRP ( £6.95)
This nail polish contains no nasties and comes in a variety of different shades. I love this nail polish as I have had it on my nails for nearly a week now and its still going very strong. 

benecos natural beauty bronzer duo
My Thoughts 
This makeup is very affordable and not only that it works very well too. I really like how pigmented everything is and also how long lasting each product is too. Even though the packaging isn't as exciting as a lot of other makeup brands the actually makeup product itself makes up for that. If you are looking for an affordable and Eco friendly makeup option then this brand is perfect.

For info check out their website here:

Have you tried this brand before?

*products sent for review, my opinions 100% honest*
Thanks for reading ♥
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Thursday, 29 December 2016

NYX Brow Pomade | Review

NYX brow pomade review
Hi Lovelies
With my makeup routine in the past my brows were the last thing on my mind, all I really cared about was getting my eyeliner on point but within this past year I have focused getting my brows on point too because I feel like the whole look looks like nice. I have never been sure which brow products to use because they are so many different products out there I had no idea what to choose. I recently got this brow pomade because I have always wanted to try the ABH brow pomade but the £15 is kinda putting me off so I went this budget alternative instead to see how it went.

NYX is a brand that is pretty well know now in the UK and is available online and in quite a lot of boots stores up and down the UK. I have tried many beauty products before including lipsticks and foundation and I have thought they were excellent so I had very high hopes for the brow pomade. 
NYX brow pomade review
First Impressions 
When I seen it in Boots I just knew I had to have it because I have wanted to try a brow pomade for ages and the price was very purse friendly at £5.50. They also have 5 different shades to choose from and I went for brunette. The packaging looks ok and the pomade jar is very nicely designed too as it looks premium.

I looked at a few different ways on YouTube to apply pomade and after being happy on how to do it I applied it using my real techniques eyebrow brush and it was a quite creamy texture so I put it on little by little to get my ideal brow shape. I actually love that defines the brow and also helps keep the brow in shape.

My Thoughts
I honestly loved this for the first two weeks I had it because t worked wonderfully well and it helped me get the brow shape I wanted effortlessly and also looked quite natural at the same time. Then unfortunately it went a little downhill from there unfortunately because it started to dry out after 2 weeks and it made it quite hard to use and it was far to dry to use, I have barely used much of it and its too dry to use which is a shame because I honestly  thought it was a brilliant dupe to ABH to begin with but unfortunately  not. I think Il still have the ABH makeup wish list from now on, so fingers crossed il get that soon. 

What are your favourites from NYX Cosmetics?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Sunday, 6 November 2016

My Thoughts on EcoTools Makeup Brushes

ecotools makeup brushes review
Hi Lovelies
When it  comes to makeup brushes I am quite picky and sticking with one particular kind of brush set is defiantly not me at all. Personally I like to try different brands to see what results each brands have. In the case of why I bought these brushes the answer is I was visiting my mums for the weekend and once I was there I realised that I totally forgot to bring my makeup brushes with me ( whoops silly me ) so I wanted to get some quickly so I went to my local ASDA and once there I seen these in my makeup section for under £8. Since they were so budget friendly I decided to give them a whirl and I've been using them for the past month to give my full and very fair verdict on them. 

EcoTools is defiantly a brand I have heard of before but just haven't got round to using until recently. EcoTools is a brand that has been around for nearly 10 years now and they make makeup brushes which are made out of recycled bamboo, they also make other products such as bath products and hair brushes. All of EcoTools products are also cruelty free, vegetarian and vegan friendly
eco tools 6 piece makeup set review
eco tools makeup brushes review
First Impressions 
I was quite impressed at how many brushes I got in this packet, not only that it comes with a gorgeous green hemp cotton travel cotton carry case which I just love ( they are still in there now waiting for me to go use them at my mums house )

The Six Piece Starter Set Includes
  • 1x Blush Brush
  • 1x Eye Shading Brush
  • 1x Angled Eyeliner Brush
  • 1x Concealer Brush
  • 1x Lash and Brow Groomer
  • 1x Hemp Cotton Carry Case 

The Six Piece Set and Uses 
I know brushes are used for certain jobs but sometimes I use them for other makeup tasks too because they can be pretty great at multitasking.
  • Blush Brush - This brush was so delectable and ever so soft! I use it to apply blushers and also highlighters. For highlights its great for going over blusher to give your skin a nice glow.
  • Eye shading Brush - I used this for lots of different eyeshadow looks but thought it worked best at blending eyeshadows together. 
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush - I didn't use this as an eyeliner brush because I much prefer to use liquid or gel liners. I used this to shade in my eyebrows with dry eyebrow makeup, it worked pretty well doing that job.
  • Concealer Brush -  This has to be the most softest concealer brush I have ever tried! Believe me has a delight to actually use it. It blends in concealer perfectly. Its also great for contouring as it is so easy to use. 
  • Lash and Brow Groomer - I used to have one of these before but it disappeared so I am super glad this makeup brush set had one in it. This is great for brushing brows just before applying any brow makeup. I also use it to tame my brows before I tweeze my brows and it works wonderfully well for that! If you check my photos on Instagram you will see the difference its made.
  • Hemp Cotton Carry Case -  This is the perfect size for travelling as it can easily fit in a medium/large size handbag. I love the colour and design of this carry case.

My Thoughts
I really like using these brushes and they are perfect to travel with since they include a very handy travel carry case. As much as I enjoyed using these makeup brushes I can't say they are my favourite brushes in the world because they are very light weight, I am so used to using heavier brushes that are a little easier to control.  The design is gorgeous, I really love the colour of these brushes. The handles are bamboo and the metal round the bristles of the brush is a lovely recycled aluminium. The bristles are super soft but they do take a little longer to get enough makeup on them. 

I really like all the brushes and they will be used every time I go travelling. My favourites from this are the blush brush and the eyebrow groomer for reasons I explained above. 

Now the big question is ' Would I buy from EcoTools again?' The answer is a definite yes because they offer so many types of brushes in nice designs too. The company gets a high 5 from me for being a company that use recycled products to make products and thats one thing that needs to be done more of now with so much waste in the world today. 
Rating 8/10 

  • Made out of recycled materials 
  • Cruelty Free 
  • Vegan and Vegetarian friendly
  • Come with a carry case ( perfect for travelling)
  • Nice designs 
  • Budget Friendly 

  • Not a con for everyone but they are lightweight 
  • Takes a few times for enough makeup on the brush

Can be found in ASDA I think, I also found them online too
  • EcoTools
  • Feel unique 
  • Boots

Have you tried EcoTools before? If so what have you tried?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Saturday, 5 November 2016

PS Silicone Brush Cleaner Review

PS Silicone brush cleaner
Hi Lovelies 
When it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes I used to shudder at the thought,  also at times have been a bit forgetful the reason for that was because cleaning my brushes was such a long chore. I mean I have well over 20 makeup brushes now and use most of them once a week at least so cleaning that many brushes is quite rhetorical and for me personally I find it boring and also so long to actually do. Firstly you get the brushes that you have used in a week, then you wash them all by hand with warm water and PH neutral shampoo then rinse, after that you have to wait for them to dry. So it was no wonder I wanted to get something to help reduce the time it takes for me to wash my brushes and thats where this Primark PS silicone brush cleaner comes in, I got this while going on a mini shopping trip and spotted these in the beauty/makeup section in the shop. 

Primark as we all know sells lots of things such as clothes, homeware and beauty products. I have only started to try a few of their beauty products on recently. They have lots of beaut products to choose from such as makeup, false nails and beauty tools. PS is a very budget friendly brand too.
PS silicone brush cleaner review
PS Silicone Brush Cleaner review

First Impressions
I was lucky to discover this is my local Primark because it was next to the beauty tools such as their makeup drawers and bags. I wouldn't of had any idea that the shop sold brush cleaners if I didn't look there. I have wanted to try a brush cleaner for ages but thought they were a little expensive so thought this would a good first product to try.

Its packaged well and says what the product is with simple instructions on the front of it. I love thats it hot pink, I like all things pink so I can't complain.

What you need to clean makeup brushes

  • A spare 10-15 minutes
  • Delicate Shampoo/Shower gel
  • Warm water 
  • Silicone Brush Cleaner
  • Hand Towel
  • Jar

How I use the brush cleaner

  1. First get all the makeup brushes that needed cleaning, followed by taking them to the bathroom. 
  2. Put on the tap on followed by putting a little tiny bit of shower gel/shampoo or brush shampoo on the silicone brush cleaner. Put the makeup brush on the shower gel/shampoo and brush the brush round in circular motions. Whilst this happens, especially with foundation brushes it starts to remove the makeup.
  3. Once all the makeup is removed dry the makeup brushes on a towel and once you have dried them all to as much as possible let them dry near a window in a jar.

My Thoughts 
I defiantly think using this brush cleaner from PS ( Primark) has made a big difference to how I actually clean my makeup brushes. Using this actually removes all the makeup thats on my makeup brushes and took way less time then it did me doing it all by hand. It also leaves them feeling soft and very to similar to they did when they were brand new.

They are two ridge sizes on the silicone brush cleaner so it can be used by most of your makeup brushes. I had no problem cleaning any of my makeup brushes and this made it almost effortless to clean my brushes, which is good because cleaning my makeup brushes before was a long task that I really didn't like doing.

Below I have put up two pictures; one of them being myself washing one of my foundation brushes in the sink with the silicone brush cleaner, you can see some of the excessive foundation on the ridges of the brush cleaner. The bottom photo is a comparison of two brushes before and after being cleaned and as you can tell by the photo they is a pretty big difference after using this. 

With some of my brushes they have a little bit of staining but that has nothing to do with this cleaner at all, its because the makeup product such as blushers have actually stained on some bristles. 

cleaning makeup brushes
ps silicone brush cleaner review
Rating 10/10

  • Budget friendly at £1.50
  • Cleans most types and sizes of makeup brushes
  • Travel friendly! it just so small you can put it in your handbag/bag while travelling
  • Easy to use 
  • Saves time cleaning brushes

  • None - it really is a wonderful product

Do you use a makeup brush cleaner? if so which?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Friday, 14 October 2016

Superdrug Hair Therapy Oil with Macadamia Review

superdrug hair oil vegan
Hi Lovelies
If you have been following my blog over the past few months you may of noticed I took the plunge to dye my hair back to my original hair colour blonde. I must say  it was a mighty big job for the hairdressers and suprisingly after one trip to the hairdressers my hair is almost completely blonde now but I have paid the price from dying my hair from midnight blue to blonde highlights. My hair now needs a lot more care and attention and my hairdresser recommend to me to use a good deep conditioner and a hair oil to help keep the hair soft and not to dry out too much seeing as its been through a lot. 

Over the years I have tried many hair oils including Aveda, john frieda and TIGI. Most I have used before haven't made much of a difference apart from the Aveda one but for me its a little bit on the expensive side so I went out of my way to find something similar that was also budget friendly and thats when I found this macadamia oil in super drug. It was a decent price and I couldn't wait to give it a whirl on my hair.
superdrug hair therapy oil with macadamia review
Superdrug Hair Therapy Oil with Macadamia  - £3.99
Available online and in store 
Suitable for dry/damaged hair
Cruelty Free 

What superdrug says
They say this oil has been specially made for people with dry hair and the features of this are that its supposed to help improve and repair hair with benefits of naturally leaving hair strengthen and repaired.

First Impressions 
This was in the hair care section in superdrug, next to lots of other hair care products. It didn't stick out to me at first but it was one of the only cruelty free choices and also an affordable choice which is always a winning choice for me.

The bottle is nice and simple with a typical pump on top which is good. The design is simple enough with all the information on the product you need to know.

My Thoughts
My haircare routine consists of me using a blonde hair shampoo and conditioner, then towel drying it before putting on a heat protection spray then I style as usual which it usually just blow drying my hair then straightening my hair,  after that I use a hair oil and obviously this time I used this oil. This oil has a nice pleasant smell which actually reminded me of the aveda hair oil. I used about 3-4 pumps on my hair and it soaked into my hair very quickly without leaving it greasy or any left over on my hands.

I wouldn't go as far to say its the best hair oil in the world but it does the trick keeping my hair tamed and softer for longer. I applied this twice a day because I think it works better that way maintaining my hair. I would buy it again because it works really well for my hair especially with the fact my hair has been dyed many times.


  • Budget friendly
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Can be used anytime when needed
  • Has a  pleasant macadamia smell
  • Helps dry and damaged hair
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan/Vegetarian 
  • None, just wish the was a bigger bottle because my partner loves it too.

What are your favourite haircare products?

Thanks for reading ♥

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Primark Candles Review

primark candle review
Hi Lovelies
I must admit I love candles but I usually only buy Yankee Candles because they have very rarely let me down. When I go to Primark  I am always tempted to get some of their candles but I was always a bit dubious of actually buying one because I love having my living room feeling warm and having a nice strong fragrance and I always had that thought in the back in my head that it wouldn't be as good, I know that sounds daft but for me an evening in with a nice smelling candle relax me so much. I went back to primark a few weeks ago and thought to myself why not just give it a go? you never bloody know you might just like them and you can try more brands rather then the same old same old.

Primark has a fair few candles to choose from and the prices start off at about £1 and I didn't see anything more then £5, correct me if I'm wrong on this. I got this jar candle for £3 and its called 'Road to Marrakesh' and its in a turquoise blue jar with a gorgeous gold pattern on it. I already have plans to reuse this jar once the candle has finished because  it looks gorgeous.
At the moment this candle is on my mantle piece and on the opposite side of it I have my simply sweet pea candle which is from the yankee candle home range. I have alternated on which I have used over the past few weeks because I like different scents everyday. This candle has a screw lid which reminds me of a candy jar, the wick is quite thick and the candle is white and has a sweet yet spicy scent when unlit 

I lit this candle once my children are asleep and I start blogging which is usually about 8.30, I did this every other day and it lit very easily. While blogging it was very nice to see this jar sitting on my mantle piece as it was glowing beautifully and after about 30 minutes I could really smell the candle and I can't tell you the exact fragrance but it was a little sweet with a bit of spice scent to me which was lovely and it surprised me how nice it smelled because it was on the same levels as my simply sweet pea candle which is from the home range made by Yankee Candle from ASDA.

Primark candles review

  • Affordable 
  • Lots of different fragrances 
  • They have nice designs
  • Pleasant scents
  • You can reuse the jars
  • Not as strong as the premium yankee candle but just as good as the home range of yankee candles.

Final Thoughts
I really wish I bought these candles sooner because they have so many designs and fragrances to choose from! They may not be as good as the premium yankee candles but they are still flipping brilliant all the same. I have used this candle about 5 times now and its just past the top part of the label which is great. I can't wait to try more of the candles especially as the jars look so nice too to make something else out of too.

Have you ever tried Primark Candles before? if so what is your favourite?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Book Haul #1

Hi Lovelies
Lately I've been a big charity shop fan and one of biggest reasons I love to shop in them apart from the clothes is the choice of books they have. Most of the time when I buy books in charity shops they have been unread and those books cost like between £10-£20 brand new, its a massive saving for me because most of the time they are priced between £1 and £2.99  

These are some of the books I have got over the past month or so, I also go the game of thrones first book. Most of the books in my haul is Jackie Collins books because I do love a good romance novel.
book haul uk blog
Jackie Collins - The Power Trip
Described as being a sexy sun-drenched thriller set  on a state of the art yacht off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. Things turn sour when a cast of power hungry elites find out they may not be as powerful as they thought. A review on this book said bin the 50 shades of grey- there are no better bedroom scenes then a Jackie collins book. I am looking forward to reading this as its one of Jackie Collins latest books and the reviews sound very promising.

Jackie Collins - Thrill
I have recently started to read this book and I'm addicted to it already! This a book is high suspense with deadly obsessions and relentless desires of a film actress. I must admit seeing as I've read a bit of it already its quite saucy but has some twists in it too. I love the way this book is designed with leopard print and little cats on every page.

Jackie Collins - Deadly Embrace
This books is a prequel and sequel of another book she wrote which is one of her best sellers called Lethal Seduction ( I have yet to find that one so I will read this book after I find that and read that first which I hope will be soon) This book is about passion and suspense which sounds like a very good read indeed

Jackie Collins Hollywood Kids
Jackie brings us back to hollywood hills in another hard to put down book of sex, ambition and revenge, after thrill then this is going to be the next book I am going to read. I just love the design of this book as its bright pink with glossy blue writing on it.

Michael Jackson Life of a Legend 
I have been a Michael Jackson fan for as long as I can remember and I like to collect Michael Jackson memorabilia. This book has lots of life of him and has some pretty impressive pictures in it too, I can't believe it only cost me £1!

What books have you bought/read lately?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Monday, 5 September 2016

Yankee Candle Simply Sweet Pea Review

Hi Lovelies
When it comes to candles they are pretty much everywhere in my flat, I love displaying them even though I don't always use them all apart from the ones that are in my living room on my fire place. Candles are just fab all year round but I love them even more during the Autumn and Winter months because candles just warm up my living room and also make the place smell lovely too.  

I have my eyes open for Halloween themed and scented candles but until then I've been using this lovely bright pink home inspiration candle by yankee candle. They sell this range in ASDA and come in a few different fragrance such as this one which is called 'simply sweet pea'.

yankee candle sweet pea
These candles look a little bit different to other Yankee Candles but they are very well made. This candle is in a medium size and cost me an affordable £9, so its a little bit cheaper then the usual Yankee candle which costs around £18.99, so they is big savings to be had their.

Home Inspirations Yankee candle 
40-80 Hours burn time
Available  in Tesco and Asda ( could be more places too)

Original Yankee Candle
      65 - 90 Hours burn time 
original yankee candles they an be found in many more places such as online and shops up and down the country such as clintons and candle shops.

*Prices vary from place to place
Yankee Candle sweet pea review
 My Thoughts
I love the design of this jar and I think it looks very nice placed on top of my fire place, its a nice vibrant pink and has nice labelling thats designed just right as its not over the top, just enough info with a nice picture of sweet peas just like most Yankee Candles you see on the market.

As soon as I opened the lid of the candle the scent just flowed out beautifully and it had a nice delicate scent even before I lit the candle itself. The wick is very thick so I found it nice and simple to light quickly without a fuss.

Once lit it smells gorgeous and after about 20 minutes my whole living room smelt like sweet peas, the scent was very similar to the real sweet peas just a little  sweeter then the actual flowers ( my nana used to grow sweet peas and I remember going in her garden smelling them). I have my candles on for roughly 3 hours every night and the smell in the background while blogging or watching TV is very nice and for me makes my flat more homely.  I have used this candle for well over 20 hours in total now and the wax is just above the top of the label, so I think its great value for money and I am tempted to actually try more of the home inspiration yankee candles in the future.

yankee candle simply home sweet pea
I really like this candle and super happy that I bought it and I just love how sweet it smells and how much it made my flat smell like sweet peas. I think its very affordable and to be honest its made me think twice about buying the more expensive candles but with that being said I still like the original Yankee candles because they have more scents to choose from and I love it when  they have candles out for different holidays like Halloween and my personal favourite Christmas.

I hope you all enjoyed my post on this gorgeous candle, I have lots of other reviews on my Directory about other candles that I have tried over the past two years. I am on lots of social media so don't forget to follow me, the links are below and also on my right hand side bar.

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Friday, 29 July 2016

Astral Cream Review

original astral cream review
 Astral cream has been around for longer then I can remember and has been a favourite skincare product of my mums and nana for years, so I thought the time came for me to try this cream for myself to see what all the fuss was about. I ended up treating buying this half price in super drug last month so I could test it properly to see if it worked for me.

Astral is an all intense moisturiser to take care of the skin that they haven't needed to change the formula since they first brought the product out which is over 50 years ago. This cream is also mulit-use so can be used on the hands, skin and the face.

I bought the largest tub available which is the 500ml because I like to save the pennies and of course it would last me a lot longer too because me and my husband both use skincare products together, its like a mini pamper session every morning and last thing at night.
Astral Cream Review
First things first this cream is so thick and to quite honest it may look a little daunting but once you get it on your skin  its actually quite soothing and quite nice and relaxing to apply to the skin. I used a walnut sized amount on my skin and neck, a dollop on my hands and body. The cream is very soft and silky and rubs into my skin easily without any mess and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy afterwards. The scent of the cream is a little bit over the top but that hasn't put me off the cream at all because it works well on my skin. I have sensitive skin and this cream didn't make my skin sore it was just soothing. 

Facts about Astral
  • Cruelty free
  • comes in 3 different sizes: 50ml, 100ml and 500ml
  • Halal 
  • Has aloe vera ideal for sensitive skin 
  • Its an all over cream so can be used anywhere like face, feet and elbows
  • Affordable with prices starting at a bargain price of £1.29!!
  • Information on where to buy on their website here 

Have you tried Astral Face and body moisturiser before?

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