Thursday, 14 September 2017

First Impressions | Healthista Products

I was kindly emailed a couple of months ago by 'Healthista' but unfortunately for me it was held in London and I can't really travel that far especially with short notice but the kind people at 'Healthista' decided to send me some of their products to try out to see what I thought of them and me being on a fitness journey I just jumped on the opportunity. 

I will give you all a little insight on what Healthista is all about and basically a feel good website that has info on various subjects including; health, happiness, fitness, sex + love and also looks. On the website they also have a shop which has lots off different health food including their own which is protein, supplements and health foods. I was kindly sent the following products but I have only tried two of them because I like to have a vegan/dairy free diet, I gave the other one to my partner. The products include; lean vegan diet chocolate and night food. 
healthista product review
Seeing as this is a first impressions post I will give you a brief destruction of the products and my thoughts on each of the products so far. To see what I think of them fully then the blog post for that will be in a couple of weeks because I want to use all the products up to give them my final verdict. 

healthista lean vegan protein
 Healthista Lean Vegan Chocolate - £24.99 
This is a nutritionally balanced vegan food supplement which can help assist weight-loss. It is made from pea, rice, hemp and sunflower powder. This can be taken as a shake or in food like porridge, smoothie or anything you like really.

I just love how this tastes very nice and how very different from other protein powders that I have tried in the past, it has a nice spicy element to it that kinda reminds me of a gingerbread man/cake. I am not a big fan of drinking protein shakes I prefer to put them on food and this works wonderfully well with soy milk and porridge! Its so warming and I defiantly recommend it.

healthista night food
Healthista Night Food - £18.95 
This is an antioxidant blend with a calming blend of chamomile, lemon balm, cinnamon and ginger. All of these ingredients help support the nervous system, balance blood sugar and  also help promote relaxation. 

This tastes very nice but I can't personally drink it just as it is as it has quite a strong taste for me. I think il try it with my own cereal bars soon. 

I will be posting more and more fitness posts in the near future and also on my Instagram so follow me on their for updates. 

Melissa x
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Thursday, 19 January 2017

20 Things That Make Me Happy

Hi Flamingos
They is nothing more I love more than positive and happy things so I have decided to post more upbeat and positive posts on my blog including this one. I know somedays aren't always going to be positive but I like to fill them with all sorts of positive things anyway. I know this kind of post may sound a little cheesy but you know I feel happy about posting these kinda of post and since its my blog and its all about me this blog I thought it would fit in accordingly. 

They are more things I love too and make me happy but I thought a little list would be fun and nice comparison to see what other things people find make them happy. 
  1. Being a Mum - I am a mum of 3 kids and they are my everything.
  2. All of my Family -This includes my kids, my partner and my lovely mum
  3. My Cats; Kitty, Bella and Salem. Kitty is like the mummy of them all, she is a tabby cat and she's 8 years old now. Salem is a tom cat who likes to think he's boss but he's just cuddly and very friendly, he's almost 5. Lastly Bella our youngest is a calico and she's just laid back. 
  4. Wrestling - I have watched wrestling for as long as I can remember, I like to watch WWE and also independent wrestling companies. My favourite wrestlers are Batista, Eddie Guerrero and Jack Jester.  
  5. Going to the gym - If you asked me 2 years ago this wouldn't of been on the list haha but you  know the gym is something I have learned to love over time. I enjoy going most days now. 
  6. Baking - I am not going to be the best baker and take part in the British bake off but I do enjoy baking from time to time. My favourite things to make are banana bread, cupcakes and cakes. My kids enjoy helping me and they like putting on sprinkles and mixing the cake mix.
  7. Flamingos (obviously 😜) - I have always stood like a flamingo growing up (no idea why) I love how pink and fabulous flamingos look. I have a few flamingo things like a phone case, cushions and candles.
  8. Jogging - When its nice weather I enjoy jogging with my partner, its great fun and quite competitive at times too haha. 
  9. Reading -  I must admit I didn't read much at all till last year that is. Last year I read 3 books and I have a few books to read this year. Reading for me is so relaxing 
  10. My Blog - Is it vain to say I love my own blog? oh well if it is I don't mind because I am so happy how far its come in nearly 3 years and also I am happy I've kept it going for 3 years too.
  11. Lush products - I have actually lost count of the amount of Lush products I have tried over the years, I honestly just love most things I have tried in there. Lush bath times always make me happy.
  12. Drawing - I am no professional at this but its great for me, I enjoy the drawing and colouring in.
  13. Makeup  and beauty products - Before becoming a blogger I hardly owned any beauty products at all, I think I had under 10 items altogether. I have actually lost count now.
  14. The Game of Thrones - I started watching this last year, after watching the first episode I was pretty unsure whether or not to watch the next and I am so glad I decided to keep watching. 
  15. Music - I love lots of different genres of music. My favourites are from the 70s-80s and I am also a fan of Michael Jackson and Queen.
  16. Shopping - Whether its for makeup, clothes or food I just love shopping, its just great fun. Most of the time I don't buy anything I just window shop.
  17. Long walks -I love seeing wildlife and the countryside, growing up I used to go on long walks with my nana and my auntie, I loved it then and still do now.
  18. Nights out - This can be going out wrestling and or going out for dinner, the combination of the two is my favourite though. 
  19. Travelling - I have been to a fair few countries including Mexico, Spain and France, even though they are brilliant places I would love to travel the UK.
  20. Tattoos - I only have four at the moment but I would love loads more in the near future. I want a sleeve of roses on my right arm in the near future.
I know happiness is measured differently with different things but this is a list of things I love and make me happy. I would like to hear what you guys love and makes you happy?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Vegan Protein Flapjacks | Recipe

vegan protein flapjacks
Hi Lovelies 
With the New Year here a lot of us are looking for healthier option foods, I know I sure am. I have had way to many treats over the holiday period and I am looking to get myself fitter and stronger this year and of course the biggest thing I want is to control my PCOS. Snacks can be my biggest problem area because I always seem to grab the ones like chocolate and cakes rather then the healthier options so I decided to make some healthy flapjacks to curb my bad snacking habits.

I thought this would be a brilliant recipe for people taking part Veganuary at the moment so I've made a vegan version of one of my all time favourite snacks and its flapjacks. With some research online I found  you can make healthier versions of them so I decided to give it a whirl and thankfully I did because it turned out quite well if I don't say so myself.

vegan protein flapjacks recipe
What you need

  • Baking tray 
  • Grease proof paper
  • Mixing bowl 

  • 200g Whole Oats
  • 100g softened dairy free butter 
  • 2 ripe banana 
  • small handful of raisins or mixed dried fruit 
  • 2 teaspoons of agave nectar 
  • 10g of Pulsin Pea Protein
vegan protein flapjacks recipe
  1. Preheat oven to gas mark 4
  2. In large bowl put oats, raisins and pulsin pea powder
  3. Mash ripe bananas in a separate bowl then add the agave nectar and the softened butter until they are combined 
  4. Put ingredients from the smaller bowl into the large bowl and mix together with hands until thick and its like cookie dough, if its too dry add a little bit of almond milk.
  5. Put the mixture onto grease proof paper on the oven tray. Flatten the mixture to get it into an oblong shape and then add to the oven. 
  6. Let it cook in the over for about 20-30 minutes (mine too 25 minutes)
  7. Once cooked put on the side and once cooled cut into 10-12 squares.

I hope you enjoy this recipe.
What should I make next time?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Thursday, 22 December 2016

PandaVita Baobab Powder | Review

pandavita baobab powder review
Hi Lovelies
For me personally this year I have struggled on eating properly and to be honest my body felt so blooming rubbish because of PCOS. I've been making small changes here and there to help me loose weight and not just that but to be healthier and stronger too. At the moment I mostly only eat wholewheat pasta/bread and also tried to include more fruits and vegatables.  

I was kindly sent this baobab powder a month ago to try and to be honest with you all I have never tried a product like this before. Baobab is a superfood fruit that is grown in upper east Ghana. The fruit contains six times more Vitamin C than oranges and more potassium than bananas. This fruit also has twice amount of calcium than milk and also has fibre, so I can see why its got its superfood label from! 

Honestly this Baobab powder is so darn versatile! It can be drank with water, made into a smoothie or even put into a healthy recipes such as a flapjack or protein balls. I am looking forward to making recipes with this in the future so keep a look out for that in future. 

About the Baobob Powder 
  • Vegan/Vegetarian 
  • Organic 
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher 
  • Halal 

My thoughts on it
I loved this powder because you could barely taste it in a strawberry, banana and almond milk smoothie! I love the fact it had give me more benefits than just the two fruits from only one teaspoon on the baobab powder. I personally was not keen on the baobab powder on its own as its quite a strong taste but its a great way to get natural energy. 

After trying it for a week I did feel my energy levels get better and I've been more fitness motivated as late. I look forward to keep having this in my fitness journey.

available online 
PandaVita Baobab Powder from £4.99

Have you tried Baobab Powder before?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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*Product sent for me to review*

Monday, 31 October 2016

Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea Review

Pure Chimp Matcha green tea review
 Hi Lovelies 
When it comes to green tea, I really have to be in the mood to drink it because I have a love/hate relationship with the taste of it even though I know they are many health benefits of drinking it. I have heard of Matcha Tea over the years and how its like having 10 cups of green in one go, so I have always wanted to see how it tastes and to see if it's actually a better taste than green tea.

Pure Chimp is a Matcha Tea shop and they sell lots of matcha tea products such as Tea, matcha whisk, gift sets and also skincare items too. All the Matcha is 100% natural and the brand itself is vegan society certified. An added bonus with shopping at pure chimp is they have loyalty points so you can save money in the long run.

Pure chimp also donate 5% of there profits to charity and the they also have free delivery on there products too!
pure chimp matcha green tea
How I Enjoy Matcha
There are many ways to enjoy matcha, including baking with it but I enjoyed mine as a warm milky soya matcha tea drink. Firstly I put half a teaspoon of matcha tea in my cup followed by half a cup hot water, I then mix in a teaspoon of honey and once thats melted in I fill the rest of the cup with soya milk and once again I mix it to make sure the matcha tea is dissolved. 

It tastes amazing and I can honestly say it tastes a lot more delicate than green tea bags taste. Matcha tea is very similar to green tea but  specially grown/processed green tea, so instead of being in a tea bag form its in a fine powdered form instead, so you get the full benefit of the matcha when you will only be getting part from the green tea, tea bags.

Benefits of Matcha Tea
  • Skin friendly antioxidants ( 100 times more than green tea)
  • Affordable at only 20p per serving ( half a tea spoon a cup)
  • Low caffeine at 35mg per serving 
  • Can be used in baking
  • Can be stored for up to 18 months

You can see what they have to offer here, they also have a sale on at the moment because its there 3rd birthday.
Matcha Green Tea 30g - £4.95

Have you tried Matcha Tea before? if so how do you like it?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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*Product sent for review, all thoughts are my own*

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Fitness at Home

Hi Lovelies 
As most of my readers know I am on a fitness journey and I like to keep fit in as many ways as possible. Apart from going to the gym and going for runs and long walks I like to exercise at home. The main reason being is that its simpler for me especially when my partner is at work and being a full time mum to 3 children. 

At home I have tried many things including watching youtube videos, dvds and also following exercises in fitness magazines from the comfort of my home. There is one thing I have always wanted to try and that is yoga but I find it a little bit on the expensive side to join classes,  so... I have decided to learn a bit more about it in books and also get some dvds.

Yoga is a 5000 year old practice that millions from all over the world love. It has many benefits including helping to improve posture and also reduce back pain. It has also been seen as a treatment for stress.

I recently came across a great campaign called Office Yoga - for anyone interested in yoga but haven't got the time to go to classes due to other commitments like family or like i said, lack of time but would like to keep fit whilst at work. All you need is an office chair and I found some brilliant ones on furniture work for cheap office chairs. Basically its yoga you can do at work or home if you work from there, with the help of office chair !

Here is a very helpful video on how to do office yoga using a chair. They start from beginners all the way to advanced techniques. 

Have you tried Yoga before? Would you do this at work?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Fitness Journal Week Seven

Hi Lovelies 
I know its been a few weeks since I last posted but I am back on track with my weekly fitness journal  updates. I don't want to make excuses for myself but I haven't been feeling right the past couple of weeks because my hormones have been a little on the high side so Ive had a couple of trips to the doctors and blood tests which hasn't been pleasant to put into words. I still need to go again for another blood test, so fingers crossed Il have more answers then.

I haven't been giving my goals a 100% as I should of but I did still go to the gym as much as possible and go for long walks. I am still feeling motivated to get to my goals, the journey make take longer but I'm looking forward to the journey.
fitness journal week seven

Food Diary 
In the mornings I have usually had porridge with soy milk or toast if I am in a rush, I know toast isn't always the healthiest option but I do tend to buy wholemeal bread plus I usually have a banana with it. 

For lunch I usually make my own vegetable soup and at the moment my favourite potato and leek soup, its delicious and also warming which is a bonus in this cold and wet weather. For dinner I usually have lots of vegetables with either veggie sausages or a homemade curry. 

Snacks have been a little on the junk food side, I think I've eaten way to many crisps and stuff but il try and reduce that for next week. 

Fitness Diary 
I am actually happy with the amount I have been walking the past few week, I can improve on it but you know I am on a journey not a race.  I haven't been to the gym as much as I would like but the times I have went I have been improving my cardio and planks ( I can do it longer than my partner now haha)

Favourite Motivation Songs
  • Antidote - Swedish House Mafia 
  • We will rock you - Queen
  • Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga

Goals for next week
  • Keep myself motivated 
  • Go to the gym more 
  • Eat better 

Until next week 

Thanks for reading ♥

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Fitness Journal Week Three

Hi Lovelies
I can't believe I am on week three of my fitness journal, I am super proud of myself for keeping it up and doing better every week. I think I did well for the goals I set myself in my week twos fitness journal post and hopefully this trend will continue with in the future too. 

Like I said last week I went on the scales to see where I am and from the last time I checked I lost 1 pound I know its nothing major but its still something. The scales will be hidden now until after New Year as to me numbers on a scale mean nothing. As you can tell by my top photo my weight goes to my thighs, butt and arms. I am fine with that I just want to tone my body up more and would be happy to stay the same clothes size but just toning my body up. My waist is small and always has been but I am very happy with the way it looks.
healthy eating
Food Diary 
Ive had some days when I ate some junk food but most of the days I ate more healthy choices but the main thing I am learning is moderation. I have not eaten chocolate for 3 weeks now and usually sub it for a cereal bar, but I will eat chocolate once a month as a treat because I just love chocolate.

I am also using nutribuddy as a protein snack for when I come back from the gym ( I shall write more about it in a future blog post) I have tried it with milk and water and think it tastes best with water. 

Fitness Diary 
I have went to the gym 4 days this week which is fab and most days I have hit my target of 10,000 steps! I did no weights this week as I have a small problem I need checking out with the doctors so I am waiting for the outcome of that. Instead of the weights I did cardio and burnt around 200 calories.

I know 1 pound weight loss isn't massive but it doesn't mean I don't work hard at fitness, when I am at the gym I put 100% in and make sure I sweat. I am getting better at cardio then I was nearly a month ago and to me thats an achievement in itself.
Favourite gym songs this week
Michael Jackson - Don't stop till you get enough
Lipps Inc - Funky Town
Amid Stewart - Knock on wood
LMFAO - Sexy and I know it

Goals for this week

  • Keep going and keep motivated
  • Eat less junk and try keep it to one day of the week
  • go to the gym at least 3 times
  • do 10,000 steps daily  

Thanks for reading ♥
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Sunday, 11 September 2016

My Fitness Journal Week Two

Hi Lovelies 
I am now on week two on my fitness journal and I have learnt so many things this week and I have so many plans for the upcoming week and from then on too. I have had a busy week and I must say now that I had way to many treats last week, I went out for food and maybe ate a little bit to much and some days Ive had way to many biscuits with my tea so I have wrote a meal plan for the upcoming week and hopefully fingers crossed it will help me out a bit to stay motivated.

I know I said I was hiding the scales last week but I think its important to weigh myself now and then again when I am 100% happy with my goals, I won't be going on them weekly as such just more like an every now and after kinda thing.

fitness journal week two
Food Diary
I have started to use sweet potatoes and including more fruit and veg in my diet and reduced the amount of carbs I have been eating. I also get the graze box for treats instead of buying chocolate and other snacks like that.

I love baking so I made some dairy free vegan chocolate orange cupcakes for my partners brothers birthday. I didn't have a full one but I shared one with my lovely partner.

Fitness Diary 
I went to the gym four times this week which I am super proud of! I am aiming to go around five times a week soon. I am lucky as my partner works afternoons and evenings so we like to go to the gym in the morning once we have taken the kids to school. My partner also is training to be a personal trainer so he's motivating me a lot in the gym to push myself and make myself sweat and wow its worked lots, I think its made such a difference.

I loved doing squats this week and it was a lot easier to carry this week and I even managed to put a little bit of weight on the 20 kg bar which I am super proud of.

dairy free cupcakes
Favourite Gym songs this week 
Ricky Martin - La Mordidita     
Sia - Cheap Thrills
Duck Sauce - NRG              
David Guetta - Hey Mama
Maroon 5 - Moves like jagger  
Jennifer Lopez - Papi

 Goals for the coming week 
  • I have made a meal plan for the upcoming week so fingers crossed that it goes well and most of all that I keep up with it and keep motivated.
  • Go to the gym at least three times this week
  • Go on a very long walk

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I have enjoyed posting and I will be keeping regular updates on my other social media so don't forget to follow me on them too. 

Thanks for reading ♥ 

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