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Gentleman's Christmas Gift Guide

gentlemans gift guide
gentleman gift guide

Hi Lovelies
I don't know about everyone else BUT once November comes all I can think about is...DARE I SAY IT? ... CHRISTMAS!!!Whoops, I might have said it too early but to be honest it's a holiday I love and always make sure it goes smoothly as possible. Buying gifts in advance well before the date is priority, this way it helps to reduce the chances of me running round Glasgow town centre looking for last minute gifts (trust me its happened to me before rushing about and it wasn't fun and I'm sure its happened to you all lovelies too :) ). 

Buying for my family is relatively straight forward as I leave little hints here and there. Asking stuff like 'O, do you like this' or 'whats on your wish list' and usually it works like a charm. When it comes to my Dad, aka Beefy, I know what he would like for Christmas all year round because he's very vocal about it and I'm glad he is as it helps me to choose a gift for him. As an older gentleman ( he's 70) he likes to look smart and to be comfortable at the same time. He likes his technology(the IPAD) and uses it mostly as a newspaper and to keep up with the family; making sure everyone is good, bless him.

I have made a 50+  Gentleman's gift guide on what my dad and my grandad love! I hope this helps anyone thinking of what to get their elderly family members for Christmas.

Gentlemans Gift Guide 
  1. Chums High Rise Easy Care Cavalry Trousers ( from £22.50 ) - I know how important it is for a lot of older gentleman to wear smart clothes and these are smart trousers that are easy to look after and are very durable too. These come in a variety of different colours  and also in 10 different waist sizes. I know how important pockets are to some people and these pair of trousers have 3 pockets. Chums offer lots of great products including lots of menswear. 
  2. Marks and Spencers 5 Pairs of Cotton Rich Purple Mix Socks ( £10 ) - For some reason socks always seem to always go missing and finding 'the other half' as they say can be a right pain and trust me, my dad doesn't like it when he can't find a pair of socks so with that being said me and my mum make sure there is always a packet of socks under the Christmas tree. For me socks from Marks and Spencers are very good quality and last a long time even with being washed so many times. They also have lots of different colours and styles to choose from.
  3. Next Purple Cardigan ( £25 ) - Cardigans always look smart all year round and they are perfect for a gift too because they are warm and make anyone feel all warm and cosy. Cardigans can look smart or casual. Next has this lovely purple cardigan and they also have some more to choose from.
  4. Lush Veerapan Moustache Wax ( £10) - My dad has a beard and moustache and has done for many years. He likes to style it to look smart and I know many men of many ages have moustaches and beards so any beard/moustache products would be a perfect gift from Christmas. Lush have this one which comes in a retro style tin and is made of nearly 100% natural ingredients and smells like sandalwood oil.
  5. The Body Shops Modern Gents Shaving Kit ( £20)  - Following on from the above gift, this is a perfect gift set for a clean shaven man or men with facial hair to upkeep their beards and moustaches. This set has Maca root shave cream. Maca root shave relief cream and cruelty free shaving brush. It also has a bag to keep all the shaving products in. 
  6. River Island Rose Gold Tone Oversized Watch ( £30 )  - No matter how much technology comes out there is nothing like having a smart watch on the wrist, I think watches have a certain charm about them and have done since they first came out.  This is a lovely watch as it stands out from the crowd and has a retro vibe to it.
  7. Argos iPad Mini 4 with Wifi 16GB ( £319) - I know this is one of the high end on the wishlist  for  a Christmas gift,  but my dad loves his iPad so he can read the news on it instead of buying the paper and he likes to check the horse results on it too. Another great reason of having an iPad is that its a great way to keep in contact with family, especially when they don't live near and all of us being in the modern era. I phone my parents daily on FaceTime and its great to be able to see them. 
  8. Office Ted Baker Thrysa Velvet Slippers ( £94.99) - No matter a persons age, a comfortable pair of shoes is a must have. With shoes,  I think sometimes its worth investing in a good pair as feet are very important, especially as we get older. I believe that the most expensive item of clothing should be your shoes as the right shoe will maintain your posture, balance and keep you healthy. The slippers are just a lovely burgundy shade and slip on the foot so they are easy to put on and off. They have a lovely rustic and vintage look to them. 

Have you starting Christmas shopping yet?

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