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Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick | Review

bourjois velvet the lipstick
Hi Darlings!

If you are a follower of my blog you might know how much I love lipsticks ( I have lost count, whoops). I was so bloody excited when I got chosen to review a vox box by Bourjois! It is the first time I have been give so many lipsticks at once but trust me lovelies, I almost screamed with excitement when I got these 12 lipsticks in the mail, I didn't know where to start because don't they all just look so darn beautiful.

bourjois velvet the lipstick
The lipsticks come in a variety of different shades from nudes to a dark brow shade. I just love the formulation of these because they apply like a super soft lip balm but dry like a matte lipstick which is brilliant considering so many matte lipsticks are a pain in the ass to apply, its like dragging an eraser half of the time with most matte lipsticks. This dries within moments of applying and once it does it stays in place ALL DAY which is pretty impressive since they only cost £8.99 each. 

Even though I love these lipsticks sometimes they can feel a little drying so I like to apply a lip scrub beforehand so my lips are soft and ready for a lipstick.
bourjois velvet the lipstick review
They are 12 lipsticks as I said above and they come in a lovely selection of shades which I will tell you more about below with some swatches

Hey Nude! - I am not a fan of nude lipsticks but this one looks very nice and very wearable for everyday wear.

Flaming Rose - This is similar to the above shade but with a more pinkish hue but as I said above not a fan of nudes.

Hyppink Chic - One of my favourites; this is lovely deep pink

Hip Hip Pink - Haha I love the name of this one! This is a beautiful coral red shade and I just love it personally.

bourjois velvet the lipstick swatches

Brique-A-Brac - This is such a nice reddish brown shade, I could defiantly wear this most days

Abrico-Dabrail - A fresh and sweet peach shade that helps brighten up a look, I love this when I wear pink it goes so well.

Joli-Carmin-ois - A lovely red with orange undertones, perfect to brighten a makeup look simply and quickly

Rubi's Cute - A timeless and a very retro red! has to be a favourite because I wear red lipstick most days.

Fuschia Botte - A beautiful fuchsia shade with blue tones that is perfect for all year round

Magni Fig - A divine deep and intense deep purple, I just love how bright and beautiful this shade actually is.

Berry Formidable - A deep burgundy shade which I am wearing in the above picture, it has to be one of the faves because its just perfect for autumn.

Brunette - A dark brown with red undertones, this is just beautiful and a new shade thats been added to my collection.

I just love this collection of lipsticks from Bourjois and I am so glad that I was lucky enough to try them all. I would recommend to anyone who love matte lipsticks and are also looking for sometime that is long lasting and very purse friendly too.

You can buy the rouge velvet lipsticks at either Superdrug or Boots and they
 cost around £8.99 each

Have you tried these yet?

Melissa x
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* products complimentary. thoughts are my own*

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Kits | Review

makeup revolution retro luxe matte lip kits review
"Hands up if you love lipstick! I know I sure do" - I have lost count of how many I actually have but thats OK! The reasons being that it is ok is because I love to have a variety and another reason for me has to be that no two lipsticks are the same, they all have their uniqueness to them whether it be the shade or the finish of the actual lipstick. 

Makeup Revolution has been a favourite brand of mine pretty much since they started out almost 3 years ago. Ever since then the brand has grown considerably and the amount of products they have brought out during that time is MASSIVE. One of the things that Makeup Revolution are known for is very good quality dupes and affordable makeup. The lip kits just scream out similarities to the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, which is great because this would be a great budget option. 

makeup revolution retro luxe lip kits swatches
I have been searching for these Makeup Revolution Matte Lip Kits for a few weeks since they were released and honestly they were sold out a few times before I could finally get my hands on them and when I did I treated myself to three of the lip kits - Glory, Noble and Regal. Inside the packaging they is a lip pencil and liquid lipstick.

In the range they have a choice of 8 different shades and they are a budget friendly price of just £6 each. Other shades in the range include: Reign, Grandee, Echelon, Royal and Magnificent.
makeup revolution retro luxe kits regal
This is a beautiful reddy orange shade that is very creamy when you apply it to the lips, once you apply it dries to a matte consistency. The lip liner is a similar orangey red and is as equally as creamy as the liquid lipstick. 

makeup revolution retro lip kits glory
This a gorgeous autumn/vampy reddy brown shade that I just love and I would have this has to be my favourite out of the three I bought. This one was creamy as the one above but was a little more drying once it complete dried. Unfortunately the lip liner broke but I managed to fix it and now its working just fine. 

makeup revolution retro luxe kits noble
If you like nude lipsticks then this one is a very nice choice as it is a pinky nude shade and looks very too. This applied the nicest of the three and dried beautifully too. The lip liner matched this perfectly and completed the look. 

makeup revolution lip kits on lips
makeup revolution retro luxe lip kits review
My Thoughts
I love the formula of these lip kits and I have to say they are very long lasting! They can easily last most of the day without the need for reapplication. Even though I do love these lipsticks they can be a bit of  a problem once you want to remove them, it takes a lot longer to get these off compared to other lipsticks I have tried and I have tried a few products to remove it - do any of you have any suggestions for stubborn makeup removal then that would be great.

For the price I would defiantly say they are a bargain seeing as they last such a long time and the also the shades in the range are just gorgeous too.

The Good
  • The price - £6 each
  • long lasting - about 4 hours
  • good variety - 8 shades to choose from
  • Unscented - that i can smell anyway

The not so good
  • Texture - can be a bit sticky
  • Not easy to remove

Have you tried these before? What is you're favourite matte lipstick?

Melissa xx
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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Celebrity Skin | Review

jeffree star cosmetics celebrity skin review
Hi Flamingos
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas break, I know I sure did. I have had a bit more time off my blog than what I would have liked but I'm back in business and expect to see more blog posts from now on. Anyway back onto todays post;  I have always wanted to try makeup from 'Jeffree Star Cosmetics' but it wasn't too easy to find in the UK and I wasn't keen ordering on the Jeffree star cosmetics website because I wasn't sure how much the customs charge would be, so I pretty happy waiting for it come to the UK(eventually). Thankfully they are much easy to find now because they are on one of my favourite makeup sites 'Beauty Bay. My mum bought me this for Christmas and it came within two days which I think is brilliant for free delivery. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics was founded by the one and only 'Jeffree star'. I remember seeing Jeffree on my Myspace 10 years ago and also the music too. This cometic brand is relatively new and has a few different beauty products including; velour liquid lipsticks, highlighters, eyeshadow palettes and more. 
jeffree star lipstick box
jeffree star velour liquid lipstick review
 First Impressions
The packaging is very nice and it is packaged in a gorgeous hot pink box with the lipstick shade on top of the box and five jeffree star embossed rose gold stars on the front on the box. I love when things are packaged well especially then they cost so much more than a cheaper lipstick, because I like getting my moneys worth if you know what I mean.

The lipstick tube locks with a click too which is oddly quite satisfying and to be honest the reason is that so many lipsticks I have tried before have a top that easily comes off.

I had no idea what the scent was until I looked it up online and it said it was root beer scented like a few of the other jeffree star lipsticks. I actually like the smell its kinda sweet and is not overpowering at all.

It has a curved applicator which kinda looks cool and it goes quite well into the shape of your lips. Every time it has given me the right amount of product for each and every application with no need going back into to the tube for more product.

The liquid lipstick is true to the name 'liquid' it almost feels like liquid because of how light if feels on the lips. Once its on your lips you wait a few minutes until it dries into a matte finish which looks so frigging cool, I love it.

jeffree star celebrity skin label
jeffree star celebrity skin swatch
My mum took ages to choose a lipstick shade for me as she thinks I suit nude shades the best, she finally  chose 'Celebrity Skin' which is a pink toned brown shade which is a lovely nude shade. 

My thoughts 
I just love how intense and how opaque the lipstick is, as soon as its applied to the skin you can see how intense the colour is. I looked on Jeffrees Star social media and its suggested to use a lip scrub before applying this so I applied my Lush bubblegum lip scrub before I put this on and it is a good idea to actually do that beforehand since this is a matte lipstick, it helps reduce a matte lipstick being 
as dry. 

I have worn Celebrity skin a few times and I just love it and I will tell you all the reasons why I love this so much. The first reason it has a lovely effect on the lips, it isn't too drying like quite a lot of matte lipsticks. Another reason is it lasts along time, I've had it last nearly 6 hours before needing another application. Lastly is how opaque and how super lightweight this is with just one coat, it almost feels like you're not wearing anything on your lips at all.

I will be adding more liquid lipsticks to my makeup collection soon as I have sure been converted to them now haha.

available on beauty bay 
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick £16/each

Have you tried anything from Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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