Friday, 15 September 2017

Australian Bodycare Skin wash | Review

Skincare is super important to me and I just love trying out different skincare products and 'Australian Bodycare' is a new brand to me and I was very happy to give this a whirl.  This product contains tea tree oil which has to be on of my favourite ingredients as it smells gorgeous and it has brilliant properties such as it deep cleans the skin and kills bacteria. 

I have tried other tea tree oil products before such as the body shops tea tree foam cleanser and I just loved it as it refreshed and cleansed my skin beautifully. I first remember using tea tree oil when I got my belly button pierced many years ago now haha.
austrialian bodycare review
 Australian Bodycare has been a leader in tea tree oil products since 1992 and has a variety of high quality different products including; lotions, creams and balms. I contacted them to see if they were cruelty free and vegan and they confirmed via tweet that they were both, happy days! 🌱🐇

The packing of this is nice and simple with a lovely blue background and bold writing with the name of the brand and also the info of the product. Since this is a daily facial wash I like to use this in the morning to refresh my skin and oh my goodness the scent of the tea tree is just out their and clears the air and helps wake me up. The texture is quite thick but its very easy to apply and I just apply it like my usual skincare products.

Australian body care skin wash review
I really like this skin wash as it helps keep my skin clearer especially round my nose as thats the area my of my face that I tend to get spots but since using this its reduced the amount I have. My partner enjoys using this too as he works in the gym so he likes to have his face looking fresh and clean, he actually wants me to repurchase this as he finds it non drying and very long lasting too. 

Prices for this start at £8.25 for 100ml and comes in various different sizes, for more info on this product and more products from 'Australian Bodycare' click here.

Melissa x 
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*product sent for review, 100% my own opionions*

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Why I Love Lush Lip Scrubs

why i love lip scrubs
Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well! Now you might be wondering why on earth does Melissa love lip scrubs so much? Well to be honest there are a few reasons why I love using them and I will explain them all in this post. I first started using lip scrubs when Jeffree Star recommend using them before applying a lip scrub before applying a liquid/matte lipstick as it helps keep a liquid lipstick on that extra bit longer.

Now my favourite lip scrubs have to be Lush lip scrubs because they have so many nice flavours to choose from and they are all cruelty free and vegan. Not only do they taste nice, they also last for ages too as Ive had the bubblegum lip scrub now for over a year and its still going strong.
why I love lush lip scrubs
Buffs & Exfoliates
The sugar in the lip scrubs helps remove any dead or cracked skin cells, in turn giving the lips a much a much smoother base for any products. The Jojoba oil helps put the moisture back into the lips giving the lips a smooth finish. 

One you used this you can simply lick it off because its just sugar with very little other ingredients too it or you can wipe it off, whichever you like. Putting lipstick on the lips after this is so much easier and helps the lipstick last much longer too. 

Benefits of lip scrubs 
  • Helps keep lips smooth; in winter I don't get dry or cracked lips anymore thanks to using this and more lip care products! This keeps my lips moist
  • Helps lipstick last longer;  since the lips have a smoother base and the lips are nourished I have found lipstick last so much longer. 

My favourites 
This tastes lovely and is amazing at keeping my lips nourished. I have had this for well over a year and its been used a fair amount of times too. This scrub has only 6 ingredients and is vegan friendly too.

More info at Lush

Since I have been using my bubble gum lip scrub so much I decided to try another flavour and mint julips stood out for me. This tastes like mint chocolate and is very refreshing  as well. This one lasts just as long and is vegan friendly too. 

More info at Lush

Lush info on against animal  testing and all products being vegetarian 
more info here 🐇

Do you use lip scrubs? If so what is your favourite? 

Melissa x
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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Fair Squared Fair Trade Skincare | Review

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
Skincare is a very important part of my daily routine so I was super happy when Fair Squared sent me these 2 amazing products "Rich Body Lotion in Coconut" and "Coconut Body Scrub" and I was very eager to give them a try because I absolutely love the smell of coconut.

Fair Squared is a fair trade company that sell a variety of skincare, haircare and even condoms! All of their products are cruelty free and vegan. One of the things I love about this brand is that they tell you where about the fair trade products are from with lots of interesting and worth knowing information.
Fair Squared Products are 
  • Fair Trade Natural Cosmetics ( Fairly Produced Ingredients)
  • Nature ( Naturally Produced)
  • Vegan ( No Animal Products)
  • Halal ( No Alcohol)
  • Cruelty Free ( No Animal Testing)

Coconut Body Lotion 
The packaging on this is very nice and simple and has a very handy pump top which makes it easy to get the moisturiser out of the bottle, each pump gives a decent amount of product and I used about 3 pumps to cover all the areas I needed and it soaked into my skin relatively quickly without any greasiness. The texture was very smooth and is very similar consistency to palmers coconut body lotion which is smooth and silky too, it helped my skin feel softer after a week of using it and it reduced how dry some parts of my skin were.

Application was simple enough too do with its simple pump action top and as I said above just 3 pumps was enough. The scent wasn't overpowering as a matter of fact it was the opposite of a lot of moisturisers I have tried before it has a delicate scent of coconut which is fab as sometimes overpowering scents can be a put off.

The fair trade ingredients in this are fair trade coconut oil from Sri Lanka and also fair trade olive oil from Palestine.
Coconut Body Scrub 
It has been ages since I had tried a body scrub before so trying this was such great fun! This is an exfoliator with coconut flakes that helps to gently buff away any dry skin and at the same time moisturise the skin. The packaging is the same as the above but it a jar form, the lid is simple to remove with a screw top and the texture is very unique il give it that! It kinda reminds me of fruit compote with all the bits inside of this. 

I applied this by scooping bits up at a time to parts of my body that get the driest which tends to be my elbows, knees and also behind my neck, one decent size scoop was enough for all of those areas and after applying and removing in the shower it did make a difference and my driest areas aren't as dry as they once were, I best remind myself to do this at least once a week haha. As above this had a very nice delicate coconut scent and has the same fair trade ingredients as above. 

Price and Where to Buy?
At the moment Fair Squared is only available online at which can be listed here. 

Melissa x
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Friday, 7 July 2017

Keeping Lips Hydrated During Summer

Hi Flamingos, how are you all?
Summer is one of those times that I love but I also am not keen at the same time for a few reasons, lets start with the positive... the summer clothes! because I just love how vibrant they are and not just the fact you don't need a big coat ( unless it rains which can happen a lot in the uk no matter the season). 

Before being a blogger my lips during the summer months would become very dry and quite sore as they would flake when they become dry and it was painful, believe me! I didn't actually improve the situation because I used to peal the flaky skin, "Ouch!". Since 2014 I have tried numerous different lip products to combat my dry lips and you know something? I think its darn well worked which is a miracle considering how dry/sore they were before. I have made a wee list of products I have used over the months/years and they have kept my lips feeling smooth and made an amazing base for lipsticks/gloss too.

keeping lips hydrated during summer
Crazy Rumours -  Black Cherry ( RRP £3.97)
Don't we all love a freebie? I sure do and I got this in a magazine a few months back, not sure which one now but hey free lip balm LOL. This is a 15oz tube and is 100% natural and vegan too, the ingredients for this sound very nice and simple with organic ingredients such as olive oil, macadamia seed oil and shea butter. They come in a variety of different scents such as bubble gum, natural and star anise. I like to carry this in my bag as it is a very handy travel size.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub ( RRP £5.75)
This has to be one of my favourite products from lush and I am so glad I started to buy lip scrubs! This is a great way to prep your lips by buffing them before applying your lipstick. The reason this works so well is because it scrubs away dead skin and infuses moisture into the lips. I recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their lipsticks lasting longer or to stop lips drying out with matte lipsticks. I also like using this on its own even without the makeup as its very moisturising for lips. This lip scrub tastes yummy like candy floss which makes it so much easier to use, there are also 3 other lip scrubs to choose from which are; mint julips, popcorn and honey.

keeping lips hydrated during summer

This is my go to product all year round since it is a heavy duty product that protects from the elements rain or shine! This lip balm is great for ultra dry lips when lips are very dry and need some TLC to help get them back hydrated and moisturised once again. The balm is infused with hemp seed oil which is rich with essential fatty acids and has a very nice delicate scent too. This is fab for wearing on its own as it gives quite a nice glossy sheen. 

This has to be one of my favourite products from 2017 so far! This is a fabulous multitasking product as it not only works for lips but you can use it on dry skin and hair too. This balm is very thick but its natural and has no scent to it which is a nice change and perfect if you don't like fragrances and prefer a more natural product. I use this product in the morning after applying the lush lip scrub, this helps keep my lips hydrated and smooth.

I love all of these products and I am glad that using a variety of different lip products as they have helped reduce how much my lips are dry and also making my lips look smooth which makes apply matte lipsticks much better and more long lasting too. 

Which are your favourite lip products during summer? 

Melissa x
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Monday, 3 July 2017

Summer Skincare Saviours

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well?
For me summer is one of my favourite times of the year because I love the fashion, the longer days ice cream and all of the summer things well all love and enjoy ( as long as its not too hot because you know its either too hot or too cold ahah). Even though I love soaking in the sunshine my skincare is also very important to me and more now that ever because the sun is brighter and warmer in the summer. We all need to use a suncream to prevent sunburn and burns or worse, its very important to get a suncream in the right SPF to guard and protect our skin.

Apart from the obvious suncream I like to add more love and attention to my skin because I notice if I don't pay enough attention to my skin it can get really dry especially my face, hands and my feet so keeping them moisturised is a big priority for me. As you may notice they are 5 products below but I will be writing more than just these 5. 

summer skincare saviours
The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser
Honestly I can't praise this product enough, it has a very refreshing scent and makes me more alert and awake in the mornings. This is a foam and is applied to the skin just as you would a moisturiser and washed off with just plain warm water. I use this most mornings as does my partner as it helps reduce my blemishes and also helps keep pores clear too. I think this is a bargain as I have just under half and I have used this for nearly 6 months now and it cost a very respectable £6. 

oOlution Eye Love
This is one of the reasons I absolutely love getting mostly subscription boxes because otherwise I would never of been able to find this fabulous product. This eye cream is amazing at keeping my under eyes moisturised, reducing dark circles and puffiness. I personally have dark circles and this has helped reduce that and also its been a good base for applying concealer. I got this in my march glossy box and once it has gone I will be repurchasing.

Dr Botanicals Facial Oil
If you asked me about facial oils and serums a few years ago I would of shrugged my shoulders and not had a clue about them but now I have so many of them and they are part of my everyday routine as well as my summer routine. This facial oil feels super luxurious and soft on my skin and only takes 4 drops for my face and neck. It feels very oily for about 5 minutes but once it sinks into the skin after that time my skin feels so much more softer. I also like to use this as a base before applying makeup.
summer skincare saviours

Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner 
Any conditioner from lush would do but this is my all time favourite for summer! I know this is a Christmas product but I feel like this more of summer scented product with the 4 key ingredients/scents of cherry fusion, mango butter, cocoa butter and avocado which for me are very summery but you know everyone has a different opinion on that. I usually put this on after having a shower as it keeps my skin feeling soft with a little bit of a sparkle, it kinda makes me feel like a unicorn haha.

Nip and Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser 
I hit the jackpot when I won this and some other products from a competition I won last year! This is very lightweight and has a lovely fresh scent. It contains superfoods of kale,  watercress and almond oil and benefits the skin by soothing and moisturising with aloe vera and shea butter. Not only is it a lovely treat for the skin its also none greasy too, I usually have combination skin and that helps to keep my skin moisturised and a more even base. This costs a fair price of £19.95 which I think is a good price as mine has only just ran out and I've used mine for well over 7 months, so lasting product.

What are your favourite skincare products at the moment?

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Melissa x
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Birchbox June 2017 | *Spoilers*

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
I cant believe how fast June is going by and not only that how fast Ramadan is going too, it's nearly finished already which means time to think about what to do for Eid, we are excited. I am really enjoying getting subscription boxes at the moment because its like a mini Christmas present opting every month and its great because you never know whats inside and it could be something you have been wanting for ages and also something you never knew you wanted but so glad you got anyway, this has happened to me a lot and I have new favourite products all the time. 

 Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that sends out a variety of different beauty products from hair, makeup to skincare. The brands are random and it is a great way to try new products and find new brands to try. Birchbox is also great because they have a point system in which you can make money back by writing reviews on their website and also if you have been a subscriber for 6 months you become a birchbox VIP. This months Birchbox theme is 'Daytripping' and its all about celebrating homegrown holiday destinations in the UK. 

birchbox june 2017 review
Inside Junes Birchbox

MeechNMia Brow Liner ( RRP £12.99) Full Size 
Brow liners are brilliant to have in your makeup collection because they help arch out the shape of the brows or if you have brows like mine they are brilliant for filling in missing patches ( I overused the tweezers when I was younger). I haven't heard of this brand before but its cruelty free and I am looking forward to giving this product a whirl.

Ecotools Eye Enhancing Set ( RRP £6.99) Full Size
I have tried Eco Tools brushes before and I actually wrote a blog post about them too because I loved them that much. The brushes are cruelty free and vegan and are perfect for everyday use and for traveling with too. I like the fact that these are double ended so you can use both sides and when you travel you will take less brushes too which is always a bonus.

Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream ( RRP £8) Full Size 
Another full size product this month which is fabulous and it is a brand I have been wanting to try for a while because I just love the name of the brand and how quirky the product names are tool. This has essential oils and I have used it a few times already and it smells lovely like coriander and grapefruit which is very refreshing.

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub ( from £11.95)
As much as I love coffee I am not a massive fan on coffee scrubs but regardless I will be giving this a try to see what its like. This is 100% natural and helps to hydrate skin, I recommend using this in the shower because it can be a messy product

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream ( RRP £46)
I have being looking for an eye cream for a little while now so this came just in time for me as I was getting a bit bored looking haha. I haven't tried this brand before but hopefully this will work out well for me.
birchbox june 2017 spoilers
My Thoughts
A very good value box as it had 3 full size products and all the products exceeded the price of the box so I feel like I nabbed a bargain this month. My favourite product in this months box has to be a coin flip between the ecotools brushes and the cow shed hand cream. I am looking forward to trying everything in the box and will be posting more about them on my social media so give me a follow on them to see more about them. 

For more information on birchbox check out the link below 
For £5 off your first Birchbox click the referral code below
referral to Birchbox

Do you like getting subscription boxes? Which is your favourite?

Melissa x
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Monday, 5 June 2017

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub | Review

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well?
In the spring and summer I like to take a little extra care with my skincare because my skin gets quite dry and irritated if I don't take extra care of it, so I try my hardest to keep on top of it and with my lips I tend to wear a balm when needs be and also a lip scrub before lipstick or whenever my lips feel dry and I have loved lip scrubs before including Lush's bubblegum lip scrub which tastes amazing and leaves my lips feel so blooming smooth and moisturised. 

Lush has a variety of different lip scrubs;  Popcorn, Bubblegum, Honey and the one I got in my recent haul from lush is called Mint Julips. Lip scrubs have a variety of different benefits and they are good for exfoliating dry and chapped lips, giving lips an even texture. They cost £5.75 which I think is pretty amazing because I still have mine which I bought at Easter last year and its still going strong and works wonderfully.
lush mint julips lip scrub review
The packaging on the lip scrubs is all the same with the glass and hard plastic top and the only variation that is on holiday editions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day etc can have a different colour of label just like Kiss lip scrub which is a pink label rather than the lush label.

Caster Sugar 
Caster sugar is a very fine sugar and dissolves very quickly on the lips, its perfect as a gentle scrub to remove dead cells and brilliant at moisturising lips.
Organic Jojoba Oil
This is a liquid wax which comes from cold pressing seeds from jojoba scrub, the benefits of this is hydrating the skin.
Vanilla Extract 
This is one of the scents of the lip scrub and we all know how lovely vanilla can smell in cakes, perfumes and other makeup products. Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices after saffron.
Tagetes Oil 
This is from the stems of a plant called the mexican marigold (also known as T.minta) This is a natural preservatives that preserves cosmetics, perfumes and also flavouring foods too.
Peppermint Oil 
Has many benefits and has been used for 10,000 years but not only that it has a beautiful smell which is very refreshing.
This is colourless or a pale yellow and helps uplift fragrances to give them that extra smelling power that we all love from lush.

lush mint julips lip scrub
How to use
Put a generous amount on fingers tips and apply to the lips, I then like the pucker my lips together so my lips are covered in the lip scrub and that way I can feel the caster sugar actually exfoliate my lips. I usually do that for about a minute and either just lick it off (it tastes lovely!) or I just wipe it off with a wipe and it comes off very easily.

Once the lip scrub is off lips are moisturised and exfoliated and you can leave them be or it can be the perfect base for a balm, gloss or a lipstick too.

My thoughts 
I love the minty freshness of this lip scrub and it also has a subtle chocolate taste too which is very pleasant and reminds me of after 8s which reminds me I need to get some more snacks I am quite peckish ahah!! Even though this is amazing and will continue to use this as it is the bees knees at moisturising and exfoliating, the bubblegum one is still firmly my favourite.

More info below
Lush Julips Lip Scrub - £5.75

Have you tried a lip scrub before?

Melissa x
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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Dr Paw Paw Original Balm | Review

Hi Lovelies, I hope everyone is well! 
My blogging schedule is all over the place at the moment and I have to apologise for that but I have been so busy over the past few weeks; firstly we are preparing for Ramadan which is less than a week away and also preparing for a big family wedding which is in July, so yes a bit of hectic schedule  but here i am now and fingers crossed will be more often to share more blog posts. 

Dr Paw Paw is a brand I have been wanting to try for a while now because so many people have been saying that this balm is brilliant and I wanted to see if that claim was true, so it was only a matter of time before I got this for myself to try and see if all the talk was true. The brand is British and is made from a variety of natural ingredients to make this multi purpose balm.
The balm has a gorgeous bright yellow packaging and comes in a travel friendly size of 25ml so its very handy to carry with you in your bag. It has very few ingredients in this which is quite nice to see because sometimes you see beauty products and the ingredients list is massive!
Key Ingredients 
Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice 
Aloe vera contains enzymes, antioxidant vitamins,  minerals and four fatty acids. The benefits it has for skin are extraordinary and is very good at retaining moisture to skin, lips and hair. Its just one of those things that have various benefits. I also love to use aloe vera as a toner because its very soothing on the skin.
Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil
We all know the many benefits of olive oil as food but its also something that is very good for our skin and hair too. It contains vitamin E which helps restore skins softness and has anti ageing benefits  as it doesn't clog the pores and helps get rid of the dead blood cells which can make skin more glowing and radiant.
Carica Papaya
We all know that papaya is a nutrient dense fruit with high vitamin C content but did we all know it has amazing benefits for the skin too? Well its very good at cleansing skin, exfoliating skin and is supposedly ok for sensitive skin ( best to do a skin patch test first though)

dr paw paw original balm review
This balm is mainly marketed as a lip balm but it also has so many other uses too  and I have tried a few of them to put them to the test to see how they all faired out.
If you have dry lips or want softer lips then this balm is perfect for them jobs. I like to use it before I put a lipstick on because it creates a smoother base for the lipstick to sit on and in turn making my lipstick last so much longer.
Skin irritations and sunburn 
This balm is know for it's healing properties so its very good for helping with these. I have been out and forgot sun tan lotion and my neck was a little red and this was great for soothing my skin ( don't forget to wear sun protection everyone! Its very important!)
Hair/Brow Conditioning treatment 
I am not sure on how well this will work because the tube is quite small but its great for keeping stray hairs in my hairstyles still and its also good at keeping my brows in shape all day long! it will save me a fortune in the long run because brow products seem to cost a fortune don't you think?
Nappy Cream 
Because this product is so natural its ideal to use if you prefer natural products. Its handy size is perfect for carrying around in bags too.
dr paw paw orignal balm review
My Thoughts
The first thing I noticed when I opened this was how thick the cream was (pic above of balm) Once it was in my hands it melted a little bit and was so much easier to work with and a little bit went a long way too. It has no particular scent at all which kinda shocked me a little bit because of the ingredients I was thinking it might smell a little tropical but with that being said its great its fragrance free, that way it doesn't interfere with the perfumes and moisturisers I like to wear.

I have used this product for a fair number of uses because it is a multi use balm I really want to see how multi use this product could be.
Caesarean scar
I have 3 children and with each child I have a caesarean and my scar has gotten a little thicker each time and sometimes during the warmer months especially my scar can be quite itchy and when it does it gets annoying, so I decided to give this a try and its worked wonders for me keeping it soothed and also very moisturised too.
Callus from lifting weights 
My boyfriend is a personal trainer and also a student wrestler so he lifts a lot of weights to help him keep him at the body goals he wants and also to keep him strong, the slight problem he has is the hard skin on his hands which is caused by the olympic bar. I have been putting this on his hands everyday since I bought this 2 weeks ago and its helped his skin quite drastically on his hands, not that its gone but that they are so much smoother which is a brilliant result in itself.

I this is a brilliant product and for me is now a skincare staple, its very affordable at £6.95. I have started to carry this round with me because it has many uses and you never know when you need something that works this well. Dr Paw Paw comes in original balm and tinted, they also have a bigger 200ml bottle and an all in 7 treatment styler.

Available in supedrug stores online and also on the Dr Paw Paw website. I have a link below for anyone interested in knowing more about the brand and the products

Dr Paw Paw website 

Thanks for reading 
Melissa x
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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub | First Impressions

Hi Lovelies 
I am so glad I got sent this royal coffee scrub from naturelle cosmetics because I have heard so many people go on about how great coffee scrubs are, I finally can tell you all my thoughts on coffee scrubs and if I will ever buy them again. 

I am a person who loves to have coffee mostly everyday and might have up to 2 cups a day so I actually love the smell of coffee, especially if its been freshly made. Walking past coffee shops when they roast coffee is just a dream for me and it actually makes me want to go inside and buy a coffee and relax, does that happen to any of my lovely followers?
naturelle cosmetics coffee scrub
The Packaging 
It has very simple packaging with all important info on it that you need, it was very awkward to open that I had to use scissors to actually open it. The product itself is 200 g so it has quite a lot of product especially for the money which costs £9.95.

This has a very strong coffee smell and its one of those smells in which I am not sure if I actually like the smell or not. This one is combined with ylang ylang, they have other scents in the range too.
naturelle cosmetics coffee scrub review
What are coffee scrubs for? 
Before I got this I had no idea what it was for either to be honest but with a little research I have found that they have ingredients in them such as fatty acids and other compounds to keep skin in better shape and also for adding moisture and reducing sagging. 

How to use coffee scrub? 
Well for me personally I used it in the shower because its very messy as you can imagine, I put over most of my body in circular motions. Its very easy to wash off if you are in the shower at the time too.
naturelle cosmetics royal coffee scrub
My thoughts 
Even though I love coffee I can't say I overly loved this product because for me the smell was very strong. Even though the smell  was rather strong it worked very well for me and moisturised my skin perfectly which makes me very happy. If you love coffee and want to try something different then I would defiantly recommend this product because it's a very reasonable price of £9.95.

For more info on natruelle cosmetics and their coffee scrubs and other products they have to offer click on the link below

Melissa x
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Ole Henriksen Blue/Blackberry Enzyme Mask | Review

Hi Lovelies 
Face masks are defiantly a THING right now, I have never seen so many different brands and types of face masks in my life but 2017 seems to be a year of choice and variety when it comes to what face masks they are available. This year so far I have tried at least 5 different types of face masks and each one of them have been great, I can honestly see why they are such a popular thing. 

Ole Henriksen is a very new brand to me but it has grown in popularity since it started out in the 70s. It was founded by Scandinavian skincare expert Ole Henriksen and the skincare products are made out of natural botanicals, powerful actives and essential fatty acids. The products are also cruelty free
ole henriksen mask review
The packaging is a very nice royal blue shade and the box is quite sturdy with clear information written on the box too. The container which holds the product is something I am not sure about because its made out of plastic and reminds me a lot of my grandads hair wax container. The masque itself is like a gel and is completely clear and has a very aromatic strong scent and I am unsure if I actually like the smell or not.

This mask contains a blend of blue/blackberry extract as they are very good at helping to help at cell renewal properties which helps the skins texture and it also has lavender which helps hydrate and nourish skin and as well as those amazing ingredients it also has vitamin b5 papaya enzyme which helps renew skin which makes this a perfect mask to hydrate and moisturise your face.
ole henriksen blue/blackberry enzyme mask review
I have tried this mask a few times now and so has my partner and his brother so I have a good idea of what we all think of this product so lets see how it went shall we?

We all put a thick layer of the gel onto our faces after cleansing our faces beforehand and we all agree the smell is quite strong but something we all got used too after a few minutes. To get a thick layer on our faces didn't take too long and even after it has been used by us all and also by me a few extra times they is still loads left in the container which for me helps it become more better value since it is an eye watering £36 for 100 ml of product.

Its recommend to leave it on for 20 minutes so we left it on for the stated time and once it came to the time to wash it off the texture of it was kinda like jelly that it almost set if you know what I mean. I washed my face in warm water and it didn't take too long for it to completely wash off my face which is obviously a good thing because sometimes some face masks can be an absolute pain to get off even with warm water and a towel.

My face defiantly felt more hydrated after using this mask and it felt very smooth too and it felt softer for the next 48 hours which is pretty impressive.
ole henriksen face mask review
My Thoughts
As much as I want to love this product I can't say I do unfortunately, it has so many factors on why I won't be repurchasing this. First up I think the packaging isn't up to standards for a product that is so expensive and secondly I personally don't like the smell at all it is a little bit too strong in my opinion and the texture isn't my cup of tea either. It did leave my skin feeling nice and soft after I washed it off they is no denying that but for me the price is a little much and I think the body shop expert face masks are better and they are £16 for the same amount of product, you can see my full review on the body shops Himalayan charcoal purifying mask here.

I would defiantly try other products from the range though because another product might work wonders for me and you know something everyone? You may love this face mask! This is only one persons opinion out of so many.

Ole Henriksen is available in Debenhams online and in-store

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Friday, 21 April 2017

Dr Botanicals Facial Oil | Review

Hi Lovelies 
When it comes to skincare I remind myself of the women in the film 'Death becomes her' the film about 2 women who are rivals who both take a immortality treatment. I rival none one like the film but I do take a lot of care when it comes to my skincare and the more natural the skincare product the better. I have tried so many Dr Botanicals products such as their advanced overnight masque which is so dreamy on my skin, its thick and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised every morning after I use it. 

This facial oil is cruelty free and also vegan certified and is made for  so many uses including; dry skin, fine lines and nourishing skin. It is also 100% natural and free from parabens and harmful preservative free. The oil has 3 active ingredients and they are blackcurrant seed oil which helps to nourish and strengthen the skin, wild plum which has some amazing skin properties to fight signs of ageing and also sea minerals which help improve vitality of skin cells. 
dr bonticals facial oil review
How to use it
With serums I like to put them on before I put my moisturisers on, sometimes I will put this on twice a day depending on how my skin feels. This serum is very thick but sinks into the skin quickly to give a nice radiant glow. 

Why use a serum?
Well it's totally up to you if you want to use one but for me its upped my skincare regime as it gives it that extra push with the extra nutiruents if you know what I mean. 

dr bonticals vegan
My Thoughts
Me and my mum actually tried this facial oil together followed by the advanced overnight masque, before applying these though I would recommend removing all makeup and cleansing your face as its best to use any skincare products on makeup free face.

My mum actually loved the combination of both of these products and its actually made her think more about skincare because she hasn't used skincare products for a long time because she doesn't like using unnatural ingredients products so these are just perfect for her.  She commented and said it made her skin feel more softer and more radiant.

The oil is thick and you only need between 3-4 drops to cover the entire face and neck, its best to wait a couple of minutes before applying a moisturiser so the serum has a chance to skin into the skin. It has a nice delicate scent which is quite refreshing especially combined with other Dr Bontaical products. 

If you want to treat yourself to this facial oil I have a MASSIVE discount for you guys and the code is FRUITYBLOG which reduces from £67.50 to only £19.99

Dr botanicals facial oil

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* item sent for review, all thoughts are 100% my own*

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dr Botanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Masque | Review

Dr Botanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Masque
Hi Lovelies
When it comes to skincare I feel that now more than ever they are more skincare products to choose from and it can be an uphill challenge deciding which ones we want to try and which will work best for our own skincare needs. Everyone is different when it comes to their own personal favourites but I like to use a few products to keep my skin looking and feeling as good as I tend to get dry patches on my skin and also rosacea.

 If you are a regular reader on my blog  you would of probably seen Dr Botanicals featured on my blog a few times including my first impressions post. Since then I have tried a few products and the most recent one is this one which is an overnight masque. 
dr botanicals overnight masque review
What is an overnight masque?
Unlike most face masques this is a face mask that you can actually sleep in, you simply apply it just as you would with any night time cream that you would put on at night time. The difference is from any other night cream is that this more intensive and works through out the night. 

Why an overnight masque?
Skin cells regeneration almost doubles at night so an overnight masque thats intensive can help repair and moisturise the skin.

Key Ingredients
  • Papaya which is rich is vitamin C and other minerals 
  • Jojoba Oil which helps to enhance skins elasticity and suppleness 
  • Sweet Almond Oil which contains natural fatty acids and vitamins A, B2, B6 and E which all in all helps keep the skin healthy and moisturised. 
First Impressions 
I really like the packaging for this as its straight to the point and also very well made too. The containers are quite small but you don't need much product so it will last quite a while. 

The cream itself feels very silky and has a very nice fresh scent to it. Once you put it on your skin it is very cooling and for me personally it felt rather relaxing. It does feel rather thick on your skin but you have to realise that this is a overnight masque rather than an overnight cream. Even though it was rather thick it did sink into my skin within 5 minutes, so I would suggest if you put this on at night time to read a book or something and wait for this to dry before going straight to sleep. 

My Thoughts
I just love this overnight cream and I tend to use it once a week since it is a thick and intense cream but for me thats enough as it leaves my skin feeling very soft, especially once I wake up the next morning after this cream. My partner has been using this as well and he likes to use it too and he says 'its a treat for me especially with my busy schedule'.

This cream is normally £67! BUT I have a discount code which reduces the price of this cream all the way down to the bargain price of £19.99!


For more info check out their website:
Have you tried an overnight masque before?

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub | Review

lush the kiss lip scrub
The Kiss?...

Hi Lovelies 
Lush make some absolutely spectacular products from bath products, skincare and makeup and so far I have just loved all of their lip scrubs I have tried. I was pretty much sold on this lip scrub because I just loved the name 'The Kiss' and it matched quite nicely with the Valentine's Day collection, not only that inside of it has little hearts which is darn cute. ( they are edible too).

Lip scrubs are literally a must have to anyones makeup collection, they are great for keeping your lips soft and moisturised and another reason is they make matte or liquid  lipsticks last that extra bit longer. I remember applying liquid/matte lipsticks before using a lip scrub and it was so much dryer and cracked and looked dry before long, lip scrubs took care of that and keep my lipsticks looking smooth and easier to apply. 

Lush the kiss lip scrub review
First Impressions 
I just had to get this because I love pink and the fact it had red hearts inside just made 'switch on' in my brain to actually get this. I love trying different seasonal products because they aren't available all year round. I didn't not want to get this incase I regretted not giving it a try. 

This lip scrub 3 essential ingredients which are; Sicilian Mandarin Oil , Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter and Fine Sea Salt. Now I wasn't sure once I got this home if these ingredients would go together well, I waited till I tried it to give it my full verdict.

When I opened the lid the first thing I could smell was the Sicilian oil which was had a nice sweet element to it. Inside also was bright pink with lots of red fine salt hearts.

Caster Sugar, Sunflower Oil(Carthamus tinctorius), Fine Sea Salt, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Red Edible Hearts and Soft Pink Glimmer Lustre,(Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose, PEG 400, Sodium carboy methyl cellulose, Corn Starch, Maltodextrin, Potassium Aluminium Sillcate, Colour 16255), Sicilian Mandarin Oil (Citrus Noblis), Almond Essential Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Amara), Cornflour (Zea mays). Geraniol, Limonene, Flavour, Colour 15850:1

lush the kiss lip scrub reviewFinal Thoughts
You know something I honestly don't like giving bad reviews because honestly I really love about 95%of Lush products. I will give you the good points about this but I will give my honest opinions on why this isn't my favourite too because you know something I like to be honest with my readers. 

The Good; As with all lush lip scrubs this is very moisturising and a little bit goes along way with this.

The not so good for me; Now I have tried this a few times and I do love the Sicilian mandarin oil but once you get the salt heart on lips, it doesn't taste very pleasant (my own personal opinion). I honestly can't say I like the combination unfortunately and either does my partner.

Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub £5.75

Have you tried a Lip Scrub before? What is your favourite?

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Body Cream | Review

dr botanicals moroccan rose
With all the skincare products out there it can be a little bit of a task to find products that  are 100% natural with added benefits such as nourishing the skin and also to have a nice scent too. I have recently being trying this body cream from Dr Botanicals.

Dr Botanicals is a natural skincare company that are made in the UK and sell lots of different skincare products including oils, moisturisers and much more. Dr Botanicals are 100% organic and are cruelty free and the products are also vegan  friendly too. The prices are premium but the products are natural and are sourced by plants and are completely paraben free and harmful preservative free, so the prices are justified and I also have a discount code for you all to get a massive discount to treat yourself. 

dr botanicals Moroccan rose review
First Impressions
This moroccan rose & shea butter body repairing cream honestly one of the most DIVINE smells I have ever smelled from a skincare product. The rose scent is so natural that the cream actually smells like rose petals and with the combination of the shea butter it's so creamy! When I applied this to my skin it sunk into my skin like a dream and absorbs within a few seconds without feeling greasy. I have tried this cream a few times and the scent is so lovely and strong that it could be also doubled over as a perfume as the fragrance is so beautiful and delicate.

The cream is in a MASSIVE 100ml jar so I can see myself having this last me a good 6-8 months before I use this all up and thats just brilliant, you get so much product for your money. The jar is a screw top and the jar is made out of a strong and very well made glass.  The cream also comes in a box with all the info you need about the product and also the ingredients list too.

dr botanicals blog review
Ingredients and Benefits of this cream
  • Rose oil is rich in omega 3 and 6 which help to hydrate the skin which helps make the skin softer
  • Shea butter has high levels of Vitamins A, F and E which helps protect, soothe and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Apricot kernel oil is an amazing source of essential fatty acids and vitamins A & E. Both of which deeply moisturise skin and also help keep it nourished.

My thoughts
I love this body cream, it smells gorgeous and the days I actually wear this I don't put any perfume on because this smells that beautiful I don't feel the need to actually put on a perfume too. 

The cream is so lightweight that its perfect if your in a rush which I am most of the time as I like to do so many things on a schedule. After it has been put on the skin and rubbed throughly in thats pretty much it, it dries leaving skin feeling soft and nourished without feeling greasy.

Even though this is an expensive product I would 100% say its worth it and with the discount code it is a specular bargain and I think I might just get another one to treat myself.

Discount code
RRP price is £99 currently on the site for special price of £19.99
I also have a 20% discount for the rest of the site and its FRUITYBLOG
Available on

Have you tried anything from Dr Botanicals before?

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*Product sent for review, thoughts are 100% honest and my own*

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Dr Botanicals | First Impressions

Dr Botanicals first impressions
Hi Lovelies 
With Christmas around the corner, skincare can be the last things on our minds, I know it can with me because all I am thinking about is last minute Christmas presents and also the preparation for Christmas too, it can all get a bit hectic. For me personally I like to have a little skincare regime; one for the morning and also one for last thing at night, that way it helps keep my skin soft and hydrated during the autumn and winter months more easily. 

Dr Botanicals is a premium brand I recently discovered online and it is a brand that was founded in London and sells lots of products such as; Serums, Moisturisers and Cleansers. They are a beauty company with a difference who make 100% natural skincare products out of the science of plants. The brand is also cruelty free and contain no harmful preservatives. 

dr botanicals first impressions

Japanese Orange Superfood Facial Oil
I just love using facial oils and serums and honestly using this one was heavenly for so many reasons! First reason is the smell is just divine, as soon as you can smell fresh oranges and honestly its just so refreshing once it goes onto your skin. It has a little top that you squeeze onto skin that just gives you drops at a time, so you can't get too much of this by accident just the right amount. I use about 4 or 5 drops with this to cover my face and neck just before I put a moisturiser on or my makeup

This oil is recommend for people with dry, damaged skin or just for wanting to pamper themselves, because at the end of the day we all deserved to be pampered. My skin is combination skin and this has worked perfectly for me. This oil has key ingredients of this are Rose Otto Oil which contains high levels of vitamin A and C. It also has Neroli oil and also Seabuckthorn fruit oil which is high in vitamins A, C and E also essential fatty acids.

Japanese Orange Vitamin C Repairing Night Moisturiser
Night creams can be so heavenly and this one is for sure. This cream is very thick and creamy, it applies to skin effortlessly and was non greasy too. As with the facial oil this smelled like zesty oranges too and was equally as refreshing. I put around 2 almond size amounts on my face for complete face and neck coverage. I put this moisturiser on just before I go to bed, it is a bit thicker than a day time moisturiser but it helps with skin hydration for the following morning.

This moisturiser is recommend for people with dry sensitive skin and you will guess what I am going to say next... if you want a pamper just go for it. The key ingredients in this are seabuckhorn fruit oil which helps promote skin hydration and calm sensitive skin. Another is coconut oil which help dry and sensitive skin and also  tiare flower which helps with hydration 

  • 100% Natural Ingredients 
  • Parben and harmful preservative free
  • Hydration
  • Works well on my combination skin, especially the dry patches

  • None 

Have you tried any products from Dr Botanicals before?

Thanks for reading ♥
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*Products sent for me to review, thoughts are 100% my won*