Wednesday, 29 March 2017

10 Things I Love About Spring

10 things I'm loving spring
Is it me or did winter months feel like they lasted for AGES this year?! It may still be a little bit cold here in Glasgow but some days are defiantly starting to feel like spring, just the other day I was walking and I only wore a hoodie and I was still too warm, I think the temperature was 17℃. The clocks have also went forward and now the days are so much longer now. I look forward to sun rising early and the sun setting late too.

As much as I loved winter and all the amazing things about winter such as Christmas, the snow and all of the snuggly clothes its nice to welcome spring.

10 things Im loving about spring
spring time

  1. The LONGER days - I love it when the days are longer because I like seeing the sun shine and also it gives me more of a chance to take blog photos because as a busy mum of 3 it's not always easy finding the time.
  2. Warmer weather -  As much as I love the winter and the fashion that comes along with it I am just excited to start weather t-shirts and maxi dresses.
  3. Fashion - I just love the embroidery thats in fashion right now, I have a big wish list with a few things I want such as the boots and blouses. I also like wearing hoodies too because they are so darn comfortable too. 
  4. Food - I know these foods are available all year round but I seem to enjoy smoothies and ice cream much more in the warmer months. 
  5. Mother's Day - I just Mother's Day because my kids are so lovely and make me cards and always bring me lovely gifts. This year they bought me a box of chocolate and a gorgeous Orchid flower.
  6. Easter -  As a family we just love Easter, my children like choosing their easter eggs and my mum likes to spoil them too when we go  to visit her during the school holidays. I have a few craft things in mind to do this year and also some baking too. 
  7. The Flowers  - It's so nice to see to see daffodils, tulips and crocus it is a very colourful reminder spring is here and it's the first of the many flowers and greenery of the season. 
  8. Running/Jogging - Even though I can run or jog all year round spring has to be my most favourite time of the year to do it because it's not too hot and it's not too cold. I need to keep my motivation to keep at it though. 
  9. Wrestlemania - I love all the wrestling shows from WWE and the independent circuits in the UK but my favourite event of the wrestling calendar has to be wrestlemania. I am most looking forward to the Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker match. 
  10. Amazing new films in cinema - I have not been to the cinema in over 10 years but I am going to have to go soon because I want to see beauty and the beast. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time Disney films so it's exciting to see this version.

What do you love about spring and what is you're favourite season? 

Melissa x
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